Italy: Muslim Murders Priest, Pope Calls Perp a ‘Headache’

Mahmoudi Ridha, a Muslim migrant from Tunisia, last Tuesday murdered a Catholic priest in Italy, Fr. Roberto Malgesini. After killing Malgesini, Ridha crowed: “The priest died like a dog, that was right.” According to Church Militant, in the wake of the murder, “police have categorically rejected the Italian bishops’ claim” that Ridha “had mental problems.”…


A Jewish Rabbi and a Catholic Bishop Walked into a Mosque…

To be precise, it was Ireland’s Croke Park Stadium, not a proper mosque, but what happened there was no joke. ChurchMilitant.com reported that on Friday, July 31, Ireland’s top Catholic prelate, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, “joined Muslims in celebrating a key Islamic festival which falsifies the Bible by declaring that the patriarch Abraham took Ishmael, not Isaac, to be sacrificed…


Big Relief: Catholic Bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas Condemns Jihad Attack There

Not many Americans are aware that there was a jihad attack on American soil last week, but it happened at the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas. On Thursday, a 20-year-old Muslim migrant from Syria named Adam Salim Alsahli, according to CNN, “attempted to rush the security gate with a vehicle.” Then, after “security…


President Trump was right about China

“But either by design or accident, the Trump standoff tore off the China scab. The exposed putrid wound beneath has terrified the world: lying, deceit, and subterfuge surrounded the mysterious COVID-19 contagion that emerged from Wuhan late last year and now has spread worldwide and panicked the globe.”


Pope “Hates the West, Aspires to Destroy It” and “Destroy the Christian Tradition”

The Italian intellectual Marcello Pera has criticized Pope Francis for “openly going against tradition, doctrine, and introducing inexplicable innovations, behaviors and gestures.” Pera opined that the Pope’s agenda in doing this truly insidious: The Pope does it because he hates the West, he aspires to destroy it. … As he aspires to destroy the Christian…


UK church holds joint birthday celebration for Muhammad and Jesus

Mawlid (or Milad) is the Islamic festival commemorating the birthday of Mohammed. The only thing it has in common with Christmas is that it isn’t actually the day the celebrated baby was born. Yet All Saints Church in Kingtson upon Thames thinks there’s an interfaith syncretised opportunity to be found in holding a joint birthday celebration for both Mohammed and Jesus – so they put the flags out for both, rejoicing in both, eulogising both, solemnising both, glorifying both, honouring both…

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