Rebuttals to False Charges


Rebuttals to False Charges

FALSE CHARGE: “Geller was one of several prominent anti-Muslim activists cited by the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik in the manifesto he posted online hours before killing 77 of his countrymen, mostly teenagers, at a left-wing youth camp in August 2011.”

This charge is meant to imply that Geller calls for violence and that Breivik heeded her call. This is absolutely false. Breivik never quotes Geller calling for or justifying violence – because she never does. Breivik explains in his manifesto that he was “radicalized” by his experiences with Muslim immigrants in the early 1990s, before Geller had published anything about Islam (See Breivik, 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, p. 1348). Breivik also hesitantly but unmistakably recommended making common cause with jihadists, which neither Geller nor any other opponent of jihad would ever do: “An alliance with the Jihadists might prove beneficial to both parties but will simply be too dangerous (and might prove to be ideologically counter-productive). We both share one common goal.” (Breivik, p. 948). He even called for making common cause with Hamas in plotting jihad terror: “Approach a representative from a Jihadi Salafi group. Get in contact with a Jihadi strawman. Present your terms and have him forward them to his superiors….Present your offer. They are asked to provide a biological compound manufactured by Muslim scientists in the Middle East. Hamas and several Jihadi groups have labs and they have the potential to provide such substances. Their problem is finding suitable martyrs who can pass ‘screenings’ in Western Europe. This is where we come in. We will smuggle it in to the EU and distribute it at a target of our choosing. We must give them assurances that we are not to harm any Muslims etc.” (Breivik, p. 949)

FALSE CHARGE: The Anti-Defamation League wrote in a blog on its website in 2015 that Geller’s anti-immigrant and anti-refugee rhetoric “not only contradicts the Jewish-American values which she claims to defend but also violates basic human decency.”

The ADL lauds and celebrates the likes of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, the Secretaries of State in the Obama administration, the most anti-Israel, anti-Semitic administration in our nation’s history, and ADL National Director Jonathan Greenblatt was himself an official in that administration. The ADL fuels and aligns with the world’s most vicious Jew-haters.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller once posted a picture of Muhammad as a pig.

The Muhammad pig cartoon they are referring to is one that an Danish imam added to the infamous Muhammad cartoons printed by the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten, in an attempt to gin up anger among Muslims against the Danes. The imam presented the Muhammad-as-pig cartoon as if it were one of the original Danish cartoons, which it wasn’t, and now critics are presenting it as something Pamela Geller created, which isn’t true, either.

The original Atlas post is here. The caption on the Muhammad-as-pig photo is: “Supposed to be Muhammad as half pig, but actually an altered photograph of a guy at a French pig-squealing contest.” So they take a photo that she showed was clearly marked as not Muhammad at all, and present it as if Pamela Geller were depicting Muhammad as a pig.

FALSE CHARGE: X person said something offensive at a Pamela Geller event.

Pamela Geller is not responsible for what anyone says except Pamela Geller.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller claims that Barack Obama is the illegitimate son of Malcolm X.

Actually, this statement from Pamela Geller headed the actual post in question: “The ‘Atlas says that Barack Obama is Malcolm X’s love child’ charge has gone viral among leftards and lizards. The only problem with it is that it is false. I am not the author of this post, and I posted it because the writer did a spectacular job documenting Obama’s many connections with the Far Left. The Malcolm X claim is one minor part of this story, and was of interest to me principally as part of the writer’s documentation that Stanley Ann Dunham could not have been where the Obama camp says she was at various times. I do not believe that Barack Obama is Malcolm X’s love child, and never did — but there remain many, many unanswered questions about his early life and upbringing.”

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller claims that Obama was once involved with a “crack whore.”

Actually, in that post, Pamela Geller was making a point about journalistic bias, noting that liberal journalists do not hunt down unsubstantiated rumors about liberal candidates such as Obama with anything approaching the zeal they bring to investigations of rumors about conservatives.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller claims that Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery.

This is a dead issue now, but many people have expressed doubts about Obama’s birth certificate, and there are reasons to question it that the mainstream media steadfastly refused to explore. That was the real issue.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller claims that Obama’s “late mother posed nude for pornographic photos.”

This also is a dead issue now, and was always an issue only about media bias. Again, a case could be made: evidence here. While obsessing over the peccadillos, real and imagined, of conservatives, the media ignored this.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller claims that Obama “was a Muslim in his youth who never renounced Islam.”

He was a Muslim in his youth: in The Audacity of Hope he discusses how he got in trouble for making faces in Quran class. Did he ever renounce Islam? There is no record of his doing so. But even if he did, the record of his presidency was clear: he had a pronounced affinity for Muslims and Islam, praising Islam repeatedly, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, favoring Muslim refugees over Christians, concluding the Iranian nuclear deal, pressuring and insulting Israel repeatedly, and more.

FALSE CHARGE: “In April 2011, Geller accused Obama of withholding evidence in the then-upcoming trial of accused Fort Hood mass murderer Major Nidal Malik Hasan.”

That charge didn’t come from Pamela Geller, but from Hasan’s own attorney.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller called for a boycott of Campbell’s Soup over its introduction of a halal food line.

Actually, Geller has objected to Campbell’s getting halal certification from the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a group with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller defended South African apartheid advocate Eugene Terreblanche.

In reality, Geller wrote this about Terreblanche: “Insofar as my sanctioning of white supremacists in South Africa — that is a blatant libel….I vehemently disagree with Terre’blanche’s ideas…”

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller has “spoken favorably of South African racists.”

There is no substance to this charge whatsoever. Pamela Geller opposes racism of all kinds. White racism. Black racism. Either all racism is bad or all racism is acceptable.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller has expressed support for accused war criminal Radovan Karadzic.

Actually, she posted a piece that said quite clearly: “I am not defending Radovan Karadzic…”

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller “posted doctored pictures of Elena Kagan, the Supreme Court justice, in a Nazi helmet.”

This was a single satirical photoshop image, posted after it was revealed that Kagan had cited in her thesis a German Marxist who became a Nazi when Hitler took power.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller bought bus ads in several cities, encouraging people to leave Islam.

In reality, she bought bus ads offering aid to people threatened with death for wanting to leave Islam.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller is anti-Muslim.

Geller says that this is “a slanderous slur and it’s unfair….I believe that Muslims are more victimized by Islamic supremacists than even non-Muslims.”

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller has defended former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic.

Actually Geller has never defended Milosevic at all; she has only expressed skepticism about some of the claims made about Serbian concentration camps – a skepticism that many journalists and historians share.

FALSE CHARGE:  Pamela Geller “has denied the genocide of Bosnian Muslims by Serbian forces in Srebrenica – calling it the ‘Srebrenica Genocide Myth,’ even though the Serbian government itself issued a state apology for the massacre. She wrote, ‘Westerners are admitting to their role in something that didn’t happen, and digging their own graves.'”

Pamela Geller did not deny the massacre of Muslims in Bosnia. She only denied that it amounted to a genocide. There was a war of Muslims against Christians, and the Muslim war crimes were just as egregious as the Serbs’. President Clinton got sucked into paving the way for militant Islam in Bosnia by intervening on behalf of Muslims in Bosnia.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller posted a video suggesting that Muslims have sex with goats.

Atlas Shrugs often features satire; this item was put up in error and was removed within moments of being put up. It is worth noting, however, that the Muslim groups that have complained about this Atlas Shrugs post have never gone on record complaining about the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran, who wrote: “It is loathsome to eat the meat of horse and mule and donkey and if somebody makes coitus with them, that is an intercourse, they become unlawful and they must be taken out of the city and sold elsewhere. If they have intercourse with a cow and sheep and camel their urine and dung becomes unclean and drinking their milk will also be unlawful and they must be killed and burned without delay, and the person who had intercourse with them must pay money to the owner. Further, if he had intercourse with any beast its milk becomes unlawful.”

FALSE CHARGE: “In 2009, Geller was invited to address the German far-right organization Pro Köln [Cologne], described as a successor group to the neo-fascist German League for People and Homeland. Pro Köln at the time was under investigation by the German authorities because of its defamation of foreigners and suspected violations of ‘human dignity.’ As of early 2011, Pro Köln was officially deemed a right-wing extremist group by the German authorities.”

Geller did not attend this event. Being invited and declining an invitation does not make one responsible for the views of the person who issued the invitation.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller has partnered with the neo-Nazi Vlaams Belang party in Belgium.

Pamela Geller attended a conference in 2007 that was also attended by Filip Dewinter of Vlaams Belang. This is the extent of their “partnership,” which is non-existent. The Vlaams Belang is actually the only pro-Israel party in Belgium, and has no neo-Nazi policies of any kind. The charges about Geller and the Vlaams Belang were an attempt to halt transatlantic counter-jihad cooperation.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller has partnered with the white supremacist neo-fascist English Defence League.

The English Defence League came onto the scene after the grotesque attack on returning British soldiers by Muslims in Luton. (More here.) Anyone with an ounce of decency would stand with the EDL. They are accused of having neo-Nazis and racists in their ranks, but actually they expel anyone who manifests such tendencies; they have Hindus and Sikhs among their ranks, and even boast a Jewish Division.

Attacks on the West, the Jews, and unbelievers in general are ongoing and relentless; yet no media or political elites dare to speak about the open Jew-hatred and calls for genocide at the pro-Palestinian rallies in Europe and America against Operation Cast Lead in January 2009. Instead, the media focuses on EDL rallies, concentrating on rumors and fringe characters who attach themselves to the group before being expelled. The media never covers the actual speeches, positions, and people of the EDL. They hold the EDL to an impossible standard, while holding the Muslims and Leftists to no standard at all: no matter how barbaric the Left’s rallies get, the media covers for them.

FALSE CHARGE: Pamela Geller has “mingled comfortably with European racists and fascists.”

Geert Wilders is neither.  Nor are Geller’s colleagues of Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE). This charge demonstrates how the left’s smear campaigns are self-reinforcing: first they smeared Wilders and several European freedom fighters as “racists” and “fascists,” and then use their earlier smear campaign against Geller. There are actual racists and fascists in Europe; Pamela Geller has never worked with them.

FALSE CHARGE: “Geller’s anti-Muslim stance has also drawn the admiration of white nationalist and even neo-Nazi proponents on the extreme right – a rather remarkable feat, considering she is Jewish. She has been the subject of positive postings on racist websites such as Stormfront, VDARE, American Renaissance and the neo-Confederate League of the South.”

Pamela Geller is a proud Jew; to lump her in with Nazis is specious and obscene. For well over a decade, Stormfront has posted the most vicious antisemitic comments about her, with frequent use of the K word. If the claim is true that postings on these websites have praised her, and that is unlikely, it has no more significance than the fact that Osama bin Laden praised Noam Chomsky.

FALSE CHARGE: “[Charles] Johnson, a moderate conservative, later broke sharply with Geller, calling her an anti-Muslim ‘hatemonger.'”

Charles Johnson is not a “moderate conservative.” He wrote of his website in 2014 that it “isn’t ‘conservative.’ Hasn’t been for years now.” He is actually a doctrinaire leftist, who echoes the leftist establishment in defaming opposition to jihad terror as “anti-Muslim hate.”

FALSE CHARGE: “After Geller, who is Jewish, posted a critique of the Islamic halal practice of slaughtering animals for food in September 2010, Johnson pointed out that kosher practice is almost identical and observed, ‘My GOD she is stupid.'”

Actually, there are major differences between kosher and halal slaughter.

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