ADL Top Dog Apologizes For the Orgs’ Opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque

The ADL was right then, and you are wrong now. And you’re not just wrong in falling for the slick lies of sharpies who have sold you a bill of goods about Muslim victimhood and a fictional mosque of reconciliation. You’re wrong in demonizing and defaming those who stood up against this sinister project at the time, and who have done the work the ADL should have been doing in raising awareness of Islamic antisemitism and fighting its growing influence. In that great struggle, the ADL has always been on the wrong side, and still is, to your everlasting shame.

Thousands of Afghan Refugees Are Arriving in the US. But Who Are They?

What possible safeguards have been in place in Kabul to prevent some of those jihadis from coming to the United States as “refugees”? Sky News reported Monday that “British officials at the airport in Kabul are warning of a spike in impersonations, forged documents and forged passports.” But surely the crack intelligence agents of the speak-no-jihad, hear-no-jihad, see-no-jihad Biden administration won’t let any of them through, right? Right. Of course they won’t. Go back to sleep.

Afghanistan’s Former President: ‘The U.S. Has Failed’

Many people are comparing Kabul now to Saigon in 1975, but Andrew Bostom showed the fallacy in that: “There is a stark difference between S. Vietnam and Afghanistan. Totalitarian Communism was imposed from outside Vietnam by Communists trained in Moscow and abetted by the Soviets and ChiComms. Totalitarian Islam was and remains indigenous to Afghanistan.”…

ADL Ignores Real Anti-Semites, Goes After Pro-Israel Jews

So the ADL is letting the Ben & Jerry’s boycott, which in its demonization of Israel is an active manifestation of anti-Semitism that is damaging to Israel and to the Jewish people worldwide, pass with a tweet, and is working to destroy a pro-Israel organization that stands against the genuine anti-Semitism it fears to oppose.

UK Lifts Speaking Ban on Jihad Preacher Who Called for Murder of Pamela Geller, Foes of Jihad Terror Still Barred

Anjem Choudary, a jihad preacher whose followers have mounted several jihad terror attacks in Britain, can speak in public again. The Evening Standard reported Sunday that Choudary has been “subject to licence conditions” ever since he was released from prison in 2018, but they’ve now been lifted. Choudary was in prison in the first place for working to convince Muslims to support the Islamic State jihad terrorist group, which he himself asked to be released in order to join. He also called for the murder of Pamela Geller on national television, solely for the crime of defending the freedom of speech, to which Britain is ostensibly committed. Now he is free once again to resume his jihad in Britain. What could possibly go wrong?

Pelosi Announces Her Targets: ‘White Supremacists,’ ‘Anti-Semites,’ and ‘Islamophobes’

The idea that the great mass of people who entered the Capitol on January 6 and stood around snapping pictures and gawking at statues were there to overthrow the government at the behest of a rogue president is a paranoid Leftist fantasy, not a reality. But Pelosi’s lurid and paranoid fantasies have a definite and clear purpose. The Capitol riot is the Left’s Reichstag Fire moment, and they’re going to milk it as much as the National Socialists milked the original Reichstag Fire to eliminate and criminalize all opposition to their regime.

Texas: Muslim Who Helped His Father Evade Capture After Murdering His Sister Gets Ten Years

In Fort Worth, Texas on Tuesday, a 32-year-old Muslim named Islam Said was sentenced to ten years in prison for spending the last thirteen years helping his father, Yaser Said, one of the FBI’s Most Wanted criminals, evade capture. Yaser Said was wanted for murdering his two daughters, Islam Said’s sisters, Amina and Sarah Said. What kind of man would know that his father had murdered his two sisters and then help his father avoid justice, rather than turning him in? The answer to that question is far too uncomfortable and inconvenient for law enforcement officials to face honestly.

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