Popular US Magazine Hires Terror Supporter as ‘Palestine Correspondent’

His name Mohammed El-Kurd. He has been hired by The Nation to be their first-ever Palestine Correspondent. El-Kurd will vilify Israel and glorify Palestinian terrorists to The Nation’s one million readers. America’s Palestinian activists represent a major threat to American Jews. Their public demonization of Israel is making life for pro-Israel Jewish Americans uncomfortable and…

Jews Are ‘Top Target’ For Hate Crimes, Close to 60% Of All Religiously Motivated Hate Crimes Target Jews

The escalating violence and incitement against the Jews is the poison fruit of left-wing/Islamic axis, which is why root cause and motive of these Jewish attacks are verboten in the sharia complaint media. Instead we are force-fed a diet of false information and sympathy for the devils behind it.

WATCH IN HORROR: Vile Antisemitic Rep Cori Bush’s Anti-Jews Speech On The Floor

America, we are lost. What next? Hitlerian exhortations in the Democrat Congress?
Masquerading as Jewish groups, left wing groups like the ADL, UJA, New Israel Fund attack and marginalized proud, fierce Jews like me while licking the bloody boots of our executioners.

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