Trump Campaign Releases Devastating Ads Hitting Biden’s Black Record; Launches New Website, Merchandise Hitting Biden’s Racist ‘You Ain’t Black’ Remark

Brilliant. Perhaps for the first time ever a Republican president is attacking the Democrat Party plantation. Only President Trump could pull it off. Keep these ads up, Team Trump! President Trump received just 8 percent of the Black vote in 2016. If President Trump can get that number up to a mere 12-13 percent he…


WATCH Roger Waters sings song calling for annihilation of the Jewish State during Nakba Day event

Insane! Neo-Nazi Roger Waters is one of the most dangerous and disgusting anti-Semites on the planet. He is also virulently anti-American. He needs to be strenuously condemned by all good people. Roger Waters: ‘From the River to the Sea, we’ll take the land from Israel’ By Israel National News, May 20, 2020 Pink Floyd’s Roger…

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