President Trump Attorney DiGenova: Fraud, Deception In Pennsylvania Election Is ‘Truly Staggering’

Watch Joe DiGenova’s analysis. This is going to the Supreme Court of the United States. Attorney DiGenova Says Fraud, Deception In Pa. Election Is ‘Truly Staggering’ By OAN, November 28, 2020: In an exclusive interview, attorney Joe diGenova, a member of the President’s legal team examining election irregularities, said the amount of election fraud and…


Israel, UAE Becomes More United As Shops In Dubai Markets Israel’s Products With It’s Flag:

An absolute miracle made possible by the GOAT: President Donald J. Trump. That idiot John Kerry insisted that peace between Israel and it’s Arab neighbors was not possible, unless Israel agreed to a Palestinian terror state in Judea and Samaria. This one's for you @IlhanMN 💋 pic.twitter.com/6HUIzC9kz7 — 🇺🇸 GELLER REPORT 🇺🇸 (@PamelaGeller) November 24,…


President Trump: “We Are Moving Full Speed Ahead. Will Never Concede To Fake Ballots & ‘Dominion’”

President Trump is not abandoning his supporters, and his supporters must not abandon him. President Trump’s lawyers must have the opportunity to present their evidence at the Supreme Court of the United States. What does GSA being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems have to do with continuing to pursue our various cases on…


Election Fallout: The Squad Adds Members To The Democrat Antisemitic Caucus

The anti-Semitic Squad will have a number of new members in the 117th Congress. They will no doubt relentlessly attack Israel and debase America in the months ahead. And what does AIPAC do to confront these haters publicly? Absolutely nothing. Related – Anti-Israel Radical Karine Jean-Pierre Named as Possible Joe Biden Press Secretary Election Fallout:…

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