Islamic Groups Across The Middle East React To Taliban Takeover Of Afghanistan, Celebrate ‘The Grand Martyrdom Attack’, Rejoices In Death Of Americans

Biden’s ‘partners.’

The abject failure of the Afghanistan liberation was the refusal, denial, whitewash and ultimately submission to Islam. The root cause of all of these Islamic holy wars is to impose Islamic rule ……. everywhere. The West’s denial of reality and it’s insistence that Islam is a “religion of peace” will continue to unleash rivers of blood.

Belgium: Internal Email Warns Police Of Jihadis That Could Arrive Among Afghan Refugees

The majority of terror attacks in Europe (Paris, London, Brussels et al) were the acts of Muslim terrorists who exploited the mass  migration out of Islamic countries.

The Democrats have so weaponized and destroyed American intel agencies that freedom loving Americans must look outside the country for intel and security warnings.

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