Those “Palestinian Textbooks”: A Comedy of Errors, Or Deliberate Deception? (Part 2)

The E.U.-commissioned study of Palestinian schoolbooks, conducted by the German Georg Eckert Institute, in its Interim Report did not find any evidence of incitement of hatred or violence, not a whiff of antisemitism. Of course it didn’t, for the schoolbooks its researchers studied were not “Palestinian” but Israeli. According to three Conservative British parliamentarians who have…


Those “Palestinian Textbooks”: A Comedy of Errors, Or Deliberate Deception? (Part 1)

The E.U. commissioned a study of Palestinian textbooks to see if claims that they encouraged violence against Jews were true. A group of German analysts at the Georg Eckert Institiute were entrusted with the study, and they concluded that the Palestinian schoolbooks had been unfairly maligned; the Palestinian schoolbooks, they found, contained no such incitement….


Hezbollah Threatens Israel – So What Else Is New?

The Israelis have been steadily, relentlessly, conducting a bombing campaign in Syria, in order to prevent Iran from building its own permanent bases inside the county and, especially, from delivering to Hezbollah operatives precision-guided missiles. After each attack, Iran threatens to retaliate, but somehow never manages to follow through. And the same goes for its…

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