Palestinian Authority Pays $42,000 to Family of Islamic Terrorist Who Killed Two Jews, One A Rabbi

The Biden Administration has renewed American “aid” to the Palestinian Authority. As such, we can expect that the Palestinian Authority’s “Pay to slay Jews” policy will intensify in the coming years. As for the Left, they will continue to defame, slander, and attack Israel (and pro-Israel Jewish Americans) for defending themselves against this barbarism. Just awful. G-d how rational Jews miss President Trump dearly.

Jews Cannot Let the U.S. Turn into Europe

It would be a tragedy if we were on a European trajectory. There, the kinds of lies and smears now being normalized and spread by likes of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and other progressives on the floor of Congress have manifested in harassment and violence against Jews.

The hijrah into Europe has purged its Jews succeeding where Hitler couldn’t. The number of Jews in Europe has fallen to 1,000-year low.

Israel Must Let Hamas Know That Nothing On Earth Would Lead Them to Ban Jews From the Temple Mount

A commentary by Nadav Shragai on the Muslim demand that Jews be barred from the Temple Mount altogether is here. …We need to hope that no one in any of the Zionist political parties, defense establishment, or Israel Police is even remotely entertaining this impertinent demand. The ability to visit the Temple Mount is all…

New York Red Bulls goalkeeper Luca Lewis says jihadi mob in NYC said they’d KILL HIM IF HE WAS A JEW

How is this not front page news? Why is the West supporting the jihad against the Jews? No minority has been as oppressed, persecuted and mass murdered as the Jew. Yet despite the annihilation of over half the world’s Jewish population, the hatred is as furious and fierce as the lead up to the Holocaust. And the ruling left is inciting, aiding and abetting this genocide.

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