WATCH IN HORROR: Vile Antisemitic Rep Cori Bush’s Anti-Jews Speech On The Floor

America, we are lost. What next? Hitlerian exhortations in the Democrat Congress?
Masquerading as Jewish groups, left wing groups like the ADL, UJA, New Israel Fund attack and marginalized proud, fierce Jews like me while licking the bloody boots of our executioners.

Ben and Jerry Defend Their Antisemitism

It’s impossible for leftists like Jewicidal stooges Cohen and Greenfield, who were surrogates for Bernie Sanders’ anti-Jewish presidential campaign, to blame Islamic terrorism, or to blame Islamic leadership who have rejected numerous peace offers by the Israelis, or to blame the violent antisemitism that is taught and glorified in Palestinian schools, for this decades long conflict.

LEFT-Wing Jewish groups Come to Defense of Anti-Semitic Muslim Nominated by ‘Biden’

These godless Jews would sell their own mothers in order to stay cool with their antisemitic Democrat oppressors. Today’s left-wing Jews are the 21st-century counterpart to pitiful German Jews who invited uniformed Nazis to their charity dinners and then their malevolent successors, the kapos. These leftists do not come to the defense of zionists or…

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