Bernie Sanders calls Israel ‘authoritarian’ at Pittsburgh memorial funded by Soros group

Absolutely disgusting. However, such a statement is not a surprise from America’s most dangerous self-hating Jew. If Joe Biden wins on Tuesday than Bernie Sanders will have a prominent role in normalizing Israel hatred in the United States. If the Democrat Party had any integrity (they don’t) they would ostracize Sanders the way the Labor…


Nearly 2/3s of US young adults unaware 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust, BLAME Jews for Holocaust

This is an appalling indictment not only of the lax standards of our educational system but also of the intellectual curiosity of those surveyed. Doubtless, many of these people believe that the Flat Earth Society might be on to something! The masters of the Scottish boarding school, in which I served an arduous six year…


Poll: Trump Grows Support Among Jewish Voters, Though Biden Leads 67-30

Support for President Trump among Jewish voters is not were it should be. However, Trump only received 24 percent of the Jewish vote in 2016. As such, this poll is very encouraging. Increased support from Jewish voters will help the POTUS in swing states such as Nevada, Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Jewish Americans must do…


RAGING “foreign” man with knife violently attempts to enter NYC Jewish school bus, Jewish community told not to leave home Labor Day weekend, “too dangerous”

de Blasio’s version of Berlin in the 30s.
“People need to know that there is terrible chaos right now.”
No coverage of this horror in the legacy media. But had it been a bus of Muslim children …….. they’d be building the gallows in Times Square as we speak.

No instead, Jews are being told that the streets are not safe for them and to stay at home Labour day weekend.


A Jewish Rabbi and a Catholic Bishop Walked into a Mosque…

To be precise, it was Ireland’s Croke Park Stadium, not a proper mosque, but what happened there was no joke. ChurchMilitant.com reported that on Friday, July 31, Ireland’s top Catholic prelate, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, “joined Muslims in celebrating a key Islamic festival which falsifies the Bible by declaring that the patriarch Abraham took Ishmael, not Isaac, to be sacrificed…

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