UK: New film has non-Muslims drag Muslim family from home and murder them as non-Muslim neighbors watch approvingly

Spiked columnist Luke Gittos noted Wednesday that “musician and actor Riz Ahmed’s new short film, The Long Goodbye, has been released to accompany his new album of the same name. The film depicts an Asian family – in the midst of preparing for a wedding – being dragged from their homes and executed.” Sounds like…


Australia’s ABC iView to premiere world’s first hijabi comedy series, “Halal Gurls”

It never ends. We are bombarded with propaganda everywhere, all the time, in every conceivable way. The enemedia all over the West is fanatically determined to make sure that no one thinks anything but warm, positive thoughts about Islam, and never, ever associates jihad with terrorism or Sharia with oppression. “Halal Gurls” is just more…


Trump administration threatens to cut funding from university course for dishonest, pro-Islam discussion of Islam

This “should not be funded or subsidized in any way by American taxpayers.” There is no education about Islam, only dawah (proselytizing). There is nothing talk about the 1,400 years of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations and enslavements. Our children are woefully unprepared for what’s coming.

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