SCHOOL CLOSES over Muslim death threats over teacher showing Mohammed drawing to students, Muslim protests descend on the school

Where are the Muslim counter protests in defense of free speech?

The Muhammad cartoons are a flash point in the discussion about free speech because according to Islamic law they are blasphemy, punishable by death. Many have been killed over them. At issue is whether we will protect those who draw them and exhibit them, and thereby protect free speech and free society, or censor ourselves and others over them, thereby in effect adopting Sharia.


UK Muslima: “I stopped wearing my hijab because I was scared for my life”

The UK’s Metro on Thursday published a sob story entitled “I stopped wearing my hijab because I was scared for my life,” all about “Islamophobia” in the Sceptered Isle. Sumaiya Ahmed, who poses, hijabless but demure, in a photo accompanying the article, complains: “You’d think growing up in a predominantly Asian area in London would…


UK Prosecutor Says We ‘May Never Know’ Why 14-Year-Old Convert to Islam Turned to Terrorism

According to the U.K.’s Daily Echo last week, “a 14-year-old boy developed extreme views influenced by the so-called Islamic State and attempted to make homemade bombs during the coronavirus lockdown.” Apparently the precocious lad had “filmed homemade videos telling viewers how he would ‘carry out Jihad’ and ‘become a martyr’, as well as creating notes…


UK announce it will spend £700m to secure Britain-EU border

More than £700 million ($885 million) is to be spent on building new infrastructure, hiring staff and developing technology to secure Britain’s border when the UK leaves the EU at the end of the year. Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove said, “We are taking back control of our borders, and leaving the single market and the…

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