50 DEAD, Hundreds Injured In Islamic Attack on GIRL’S SCHOOL in Afghanistan By Muslim Militants

Devout Muslims oppose education for girls. The Democrats stand with these misogynists.

Hell, the attack didn’t even make the American press.

Steel yourself – these monstrous Islamic attacks never elicit calls for reform in Islam. On the contrary, The Democrats and the elite left wail about ‘islamophpbiia’ and and fear of non-existent reprisals.

Where are the female-hating feminists?


Schoolgirl ‘who was sold for sex’ by Muslim child rape/sex trafficking gang said NOT ONE TEACHER INTERVENED

“Passed around like meat”

“I lost count of how many men I was forced to have sex with.”

Close to a million British non-Muslim tweens and tweens were treated with the same callous scorn and inhumanity in the cause of sharia and “islamophobia sensitivity”.


“Child marriage is not regarded as forced marriage in Switzerland and is therefore not prohibited”

The devout Muslim men who marry children are following in the footsteps of Muhammad, whose favorite wife was six when he married her. Respect it! Apparently Swiss officials think that it would be “islamophobic” to outlaw child marriage. And so they have sentenced untold numbers of Muslim girls to lives of pain, exploitation and misery….

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