“The Third Testament” – The historical thriller event that pins Islamo-Nazism

It is a high speed thriller that Pierre Rehov is offering us once again. Reporter and director of documentaries on the Middle East conflicts, Rehov is also an expert in the psychopathology of suicide terrorism. “The Third Testament”, is his second novel in English after “Beyond Red Lines” With this new thriller, the author once…

Senate Democrats Propose Mandating Women To Register For Military Draft

This is what the Democrats are fighting for women? First, let me say, I am against conscription. A volunteer army is a motivated army. But where are the feminists? Why aren’t they fighting this conscription? It’s hard to imagine what the enemy would do to captured American women. I’m sure feminists are cheering this while conveniently ignoring the stolen opportunities in sports, modeling etc by transgender men? But then, feminism was never about “women’s rights”, Feminism is a phony movement rooted in Marxist-Leninist ideology.

Austria is the first European country to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a covert terrorist group, and bans the organization

Eight months after the Islamist attack in Vienna, Austria is tightening its anti-terror laws. In the future, there will be a separate criminal offense for “religiously motivated” crimes. On November 2, 2020, a follower of the Islamic State, who had been released from prison on parole, had shot dead four people in downtown Vienna before…

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