PERFIDY: Dangerous And Unstable Pelosi Vows To Probe Trump Over Corona

America is under siege, held hostage by a rogue, enemy political party.

During this unprecedented crisis, President Trump has moved mountains. He has undertaken one of the great mobilizations of manpower and resources since the great war. He is a giant. And for the whole of his remarkable presidency, President Trump has been hounded, persecuted, prosecuted and undermined by the most dangerous internal enemy since Arnold, Booth or Hess.


EXCLUSIVE: Ex-CIA Official Warns America ‘Surrendering Liberty Will Not Cure Coronavirus’

In an interview with Geller Report, Clare Lopez — CIA operations officer for 20 years and founder of Lopez Liberty, LLC — discusses the dangers of letting the Democrats run wild with power-grabs in response to Coronavirus. “So, I am not concerned about Trump. But the inclination of a people in crisis can tend towards…


“Big-Government Contagion”

“…the single biggest recipient of taxpayer dollars in this legislation—far in excess of $600 billion—is government itself. This legislation may prove the biggest one-day expansion of government power ever.” (WSJ)

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