Israel marks 40 years since famed raid that destroyed Iraq’s nuclear reactor

xactly 40 years ago the Israeli Airforce carried out one of the most daring military missions in history. Eight Israeli fighter pilots flew 1600 kilometers over enemy territory, while flying just over 100 feet above ground to avoid radar detection. In a precision strike Israeli fighters destroyed Iraq’s nuclear facility, and Saddam Hussein’s nuclear dreams along with it.

Israel Must Let Hamas Know That Nothing On Earth Would Lead Them to Ban Jews From the Temple Mount

A commentary by Nadav Shragai on the Muslim demand that Jews be barred from the Temple Mount altogether is here. …We need to hope that no one in any of the Zionist political parties, defense establishment, or Israel Police is even remotely entertaining this impertinent demand. The ability to visit the Temple Mount is all…

REWARDING JIHAD TERROR: “Biden” Admin Vows to REBUILD TERROR Hub Gaza With American Taxpayer Dollars

The Democrat terror regime are making American taxpayers pay for rebuilding ‘Palestinian’-Hamas jihad terrorist regime, resupply weapons and rebuild their tunnels to terrorize the beleaguered Jewish state.

During the Trump years, Israel signed peace accords with four Muslim states. Democrat warmongers blew that up. Now they are funding the terror movement.

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