Iran Tries to Take On Israel in Cyberwarfare

On April 24, the Islamic Republic launched a cyberattack on Israel’s water system. Had it succeeded, Israel’s water supply might have been severely damaged, with too much chlorine poured in, making it unfit for human consumption. Israel’s cyber defense systems identified and blocked the attack before it did more than disable a few pumps for…


Poll: 73.6% of Israelis support “annexation”

According to a poll conducted by the Direct Poll Research Institute, 73.5% of Israelis support Prime Minister Netanyahu’s plan to “annex” parts of Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley. Before going into the juicy details of the poll, let me correct one common mistake: it is not an annexation. You cannot annex something that belongs to…


Defense minister: Israel’s biological institute developed virus antibody

Naftali Bennett hails ‘amazing achievement’; his office says defense research facility moving to patent treatment, approaching international companies to mass produce it. 🙏

“I am proud of the institute staff for this terrific breakthrough,” said Bennett. “Their creativity and the Jewish mind brought about this amazing achievement.”

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