India Announces State Is COVID-19 Free Proving the Effectiveness of IVERMECTIN (The “Horse” Drug Democrats Mocked And LIED About)

And notice how no one mentions Sweden any more, the one country that did not lock down, did not force masks on schools etc. They are doing swimmingly, in fact. The Democrats will throw you and you mom in front of a bus to keep control using the COVID hoax. They have all but declared war on COVID cures and therapeutics.

Education Department Instructs Teachers To Avoid Teaching About Islamic Extremism On 9/11

Teaching our children to avoid And yet it is those same children who will bear the brunt of such unmitigated ignorance.

Disarmed in the war of ideas results in one thing – defeat.

Continuing the denial and failed policies of the left since 9/11. It’s why we are where we are.

Every school chld should have to study the 9/11 Muslim terrorists’ last letters.

Disarmed in the war of ideas is defeat.

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