Once Held Hostage By Teachers’ Unions, West Virginia Just Passed The Nation’s Broadest School Choice Law

Democrat unions and DoE  weaponized COVID and cruelly punished  American children. Let’s work on destroying the Department of Education and restoring real education. The boomers destroyed our once envied public education system. The left rendered our children mindless apes self righteous with hatred. It’s time we broke that beast.

Newly Revealed Capitol Rioters’ Messages Deal Blow to Democrat-Media-Axis’s Violent Siege Narrative

This bogus ‘insurrection’ tale, designed to distract from the massive election fraud of 2020, has the FBI running around like a headless chicken. Meanwhile, the FBI knew in advance the identity of Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa and the Pulse Nightclub shooter and the Garland jihadis and did nothing. Nothing.

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