Australia’s ABC iView to premiere world’s first hijabi comedy series, “Halal Gurls”

It never ends. We are bombarded with propaganda everywhere, all the time, in every conceivable way. The enemedia all over the West is fanatically determined to make sure that no one thinks anything but warm, positive thoughts about Islam, and never, ever associates jihad with terrorism or Sharia with oppression. “Halal Gurls” is just more…


Australia: Blood-soaked Muslim shouting “Allahu akbar” goes on stabbing spree in Sydney, one dead

The police are saying this wasn’t terror-related, and the Australian Prime Minister says they don’t yet know the killer’s motive. They’re suggesting he is mentally ill. This was predictable. Jihad murderers are using the left’s (media, academia, etc.) whitewash of Islam as a legal defense. Islam as a mental illness defense. But in reality, it…

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