Hugh Fitzgerald: Omer Aziz on the Full Horror of Being an Innocent Muslim in the West (Part II)


Omer Aziz continues his call for sympathy for his maligned fellow Muslims:

“The Muslims at the two New Zealand mosques were liquidated not just by a man filled with hatred, but by the ideas that he clung to, ideas about racial superiority and who his country belonged to. This was true in Quebec, when Muslims were gunned down in their mosque in 2017. It was true in Pittsburgh, when Jews who had been helping Muslim refugees were murdered in their synagogue in 2018. It was true in Norway, when 77 people were killed by a white bigot. It was true in Charleston, when black churchgoers were mowed down by another radicalized white man. A pathology of hatred has spread around the world, and it has put all our lives at risk.

Not just killed, but “liquidated?” That’s a word intended to evoke a Soviet or Nazi concentration camp.

Notice that the list includes, in addition to the white supremacist in Christchurch, the anti-immigrant Alexandre Bissonnette, who killed six people at a Quebec mosque; the attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh, to which Aziz adds a Muslim element  by claiming  — wrongly — that the shooter targeted that synagogue  because “Jews [at the synagogue] had been helping Muslim refugees”; and another clearly demented murderer — see his crazed“Manifesto” — who represented no one but himself, Anders Breivik.

This list leaves out any mention of Muslim attacks on non-Muslims. Apparently there is no “pathology of hatred” to be found among Muslims. They are all sweetness and light. Since 9/11, attacks against Muslims, almost all minor in nature (an insult shouted, a graffito on the outside wall of a mosque, a hijab tugged at), by lone attackers, rather than by a group, have risen, but are still far outnumbered by Muslim attacks against non-Muslim targets, which are generally much more violent in nature. Did Omer Aziz not think any of those attacks were worth mentioning? The beatings inflicted on Jews in Europe? The attacks on women in Europe, for being uncovered Infidels who thus, in the Muslim male view, “had it coming” (as 2,000 German women learned to their sorrow in Cologne on New Year’s Day 2016)? As already noted above, there have been more than 34,500 attacks since 9/11 by Muslims, on both non-Muslims and on Muslims deemed by their attackers not to be real Muslims and thus legitimate targets for attack.

Omer Aziz fails to list any of the attacks for which Muslims were responsible. But we can do it for him. He was prompted to write because of the attack on two mosques in New Zealand. It was not a typical or representative case; rather, the Christchurch massacre was a case of Man Bites Dog. Hundreds of houses of worship have been attacked by Muslims since 9/11. There have been dozens of murderous attacks on Coptic churches in Egypt during just the last few years. There have been at least fifty attacks by Muslims on Christian churches (Assyrian, Anglican, Catholic) in Iraq, mainly in Mosul, Kirkuk, and Baghdad. Boko Haram had, by 2017, destroyed 900  churches; there have been another fifty destroyed in the two years since. In Pakistan churches are regularly bombed, and Christians live in constant fear. Back in 1998, John Joseph, the Bishop of Faisalabad, committed suicide to protest the persecution of Christians in Pakistan. His sacrifice was in vain. In Peshawar, in 2013, Muslims bombed a church, killing 127 people (with scarcely any coverage in the West); in 2015 there were more church bombings in Lahore. Hundreds of churches (and Hindu temples) have been destroyed throughout Pakistan.

Muslims attacked a synagogue in Riverdale, New York in 2000, and plotted attacks on synagogues in 2009, again in Riverdale, and in Manhattan in 2011. Muslims attacked synagogues in 2015 in Copenhagen and in 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden. There have been attacks on synagogues in Ghriba, Tunisia and in Istanbul.  Synagogues all over the Western world have had antisemitic graffiti and swastikas scratched into their walls by Muslim attackers.

Omer Aziz did not find any of this worth mentioning.

The attacker in Christchurch was, like Breivik, a lone lunatic, and did not offer any textual justification from the Bible for his murders, because there are none. But Muslim attacks on non-Muslims are not only justified, but are commanded, by the Qur’an. Muslim terrorists have taken to heart what they find in the Qur’an and hadith. Hundreds of millions of mainstream Muslims, preached to by hundreds of thousands of imams, learn that the Qur’an commands them, in more than 100 verses, to “fight” and “smite at the necks” and “strike terror in the hearts” of the Infidels. They learn that Muhammad claimed “I have been made victorious through terror.” These hundreds of millions of mainstream Muslims don’t, fortunately, all act on these Qur’anic commands, but enough of them do so as to leave us, the Infidels, with a profound sense of insecurity.

Omer Aziz reserves his entire sympathy for Muslims, who he claims must everywhere endure being blamed for any attack by any Muslims anywhere. It’s a dishonest claim; the number of attacks on Muslims in the West, verbal or physical, is absurdly small. Non-Muslims are mostly engaged in self-flagellation: “what have we done to make a handful of Muslims into terrorists? How can we make Muslims feel at home?”

“Islamophobia is not a fringe problem: It is embedded in much of Western society. For over two decades now — the span of an entire generation — the whole Muslim community has been forced to accept collective guilt and punishment for every act of terror or violence committed by one of its members. Never would, or should, this standard be applied to white people, who seem to have kept the privilege of individual differentiation for themselves.

What “Islamophobia” is embedded in much of Western society? During almost twenty years of terror attacks by Muslims in Europe and North America, we find Western countries have continued to welcome into their midst millions of Muslim migrants. Political and media elites in the West have bent over backwards to deny that Islam itself might be the cause of Muslim terrorism; the claim of Pope Francis that “authentic Islam” has nothing to do with terrorism is shared by many political leaders, including Angela Merkel, who has allowed two million Muslim migrants into Germany. What “collective guilt” have Muslim communities “been forced to accept”? None. What “collective punishment” has been inflicted on Muslims “for every act of terror or violence”? None. Even a single example of collective punishment? No Muslim-only curfews or places declared off-limits? No, of course not. Have there been roundups of Muslims, mass arrests and incarcerations, denunciations of all Muslims from an infuriated populace? Of course not. After each Muslim terror attack, we listen respectfully as Muslims complain of their fears, their insecurities, their worries about attacks on them, that never happen. Our political and media elites insist that “we mustn’t let the terrorists win” by treating Muslims with anything other than admiration and respect; some repeat what is by now boilerplate, about how “authentic” or “real” Islam “has nothing to do with terrorism.” No evidence is presented. We are asked to ignore the Qur’an, and 1,400 years of Islamic history, and instead accept this counter-factual claim because the other possibility — that Islam has a great deal to do with Muslim terrorism — is for some Unbelievers too terrible to contemplate.

“Islamophobia” is the word used by apologists for Islam, such as Omer Aziz,  in order to shut down all legitimate criticism of the faith;  islamocritics are thus, by sleight of word, wrongly described as exhibiting an “irrational fear and hatred of Islam” when it is those islamocritics who have taken the trouble to soberly examine the texts and teachings of Islam, to learn as well about the history of Muslim conquests, and have been unafraid to make connections between those texts and teachings, and the acts of Muslim terrorists. For that they are called “islamophobes” and instead of any counter-evidence being presented to rebut them — for there is none — they are simply maligned as “islamophobes” and consigned to the outer darkness.

“The whole Muslim community has been forced to accept collective guilt and punishment for every act committed by one of its members”? How has the “Muslim community” suffered any “collective punishment” anywhere in the West? How have Muslims, collectively, been treated any differently than non-Muslims? Have they lost any of the largesse lavished upon Muslim migrants in all the welfare states of Europe? No: Muslim migrants still have their free or subsidized housing, their free medical care, their free education; their family allowances; their unemployment benefits. No Muslims have been rounded up en masse and deported. After each terror attack by Muslims, the Western media seems much more concerned with limiting the damage to Muslims; they worry about how Muslims will be affected by a “backlash” that somehow never occurs; it is the Muslims we are supposed to worry about, rather than about the present and future victims of Muslim terrorists.

This is what those who are suspicious of Muslims cannot grasp: that the definition of racism is an inability to discriminate between the old man with the skullcap and beard before you and the suicide-bomber you saw on TV.

How many terror attacks by Muslims should make us justifiably alarmed about those who follow the precepts of the Qur’an? Would those 34,500 such attacks, since 9/11, be enough? How many attacks would it take before their victims blame the attackers, and not themselves? And isn’t an “old man with a skullcap and beard” — an image that Omer Aziz hopes will touch us to the quick — who decides to carry out what the Qur’an commands just as much a threat to our safety as any Muslim in his 20s? There is not “collective guilt” attributed to all Muslims, but there is, rather, a growing understanding that there are far more Muslims who take to heart, and are prepared to act upon, the Jihadist verses in the Qur’an, than we in the West have understood. Tens, and perhaps hundreds, of thousands of Muslims have joined the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al-Shebab, Abu Sayyaf, Al-Nusra Front, Islamic Jihad, and many smaller groups that share the same aim of attacking — and terrorizing — Infidels. But they are not alone; hundreds of millions of Muslims share the same ultimate goal, though not the methods, of those Jihadi groups. They want to spread Islam until it everywhere dominates, and Muslims rule, everywhere. Omer Aziz himself, in his deployment of taqiyya,  presents Muslims as victims (of islamophobia, collective guilt, collective punishment), and does his best to deflect attention away from the ideology of Islam and onto Muslim victims. This helps to delay the day when Infidels finally grasp the menace of Islam. In so doing, he has shown himself to be one more of the Jihad’s — in this case, the Jihad of pen, speech — willing collaborators.

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