Iran Tries to Take On Israel in Cyberwarfare

On April 24, the Islamic Republic launched a cyberattack on Israel’s water system. Had it succeeded, Israel’s water supply might have been severely damaged, with too much chlorine poured in, making it unfit for human consumption. Israel’s cyber defense systems identified and blocked the attack before it did more than disable a few pumps for…


Ilhan Omar: It’s All About Her Benjamins, Baby

Not content with having misused campaign funds in Minnesota for out-of-state travel, not content with having – apparently — married her own brother in order to commit immigration and student-loan fraud, not content with having been – apparently — married to one man at the same time as she declared on her tax returns, two years running, that she was married to another, not content with having committed adultery with her campaign consultant, to whom she paid unusually large sums, both when they were lovers and now that they are married to one another, llhan Omar continues to have a problem with “benjamins.” Those are the 100-dollar bills with Benjamin Franklin’s face on them; “benjamins” is Omar’s synecdoche for money, lots of it.


Signs of Intelligent Life in Islam: Hussein Halawa

Many Muslim clerics and leaders have been coming up with outlandish theories about the origin of the coronavirus. Some say it was sent by Allah to punish China for its mistreatment of the Muslim Uighurs (the imam who first said it came down with the coronavirus two days after making this claim). Others have said…


In Pakistan, Another Case of an Unclean Kaffir

Very few people—non-Muslims, that is — in the West know that the Qur’an describes Muslims as the “best of peoples” and non-Muslims as “the most vile of created beings.” It sounds like something made up by “islamophobes” to blacken the good name of Islam – but, alas, neither description is made up; both are found…


Giovanni Gasparro, the Catholic Church, and Antisemitism (Part 2)

Giovanni Gasparro has for the past decade been the favorite painter of Catholic clerics in Italy, who have commissioned him to produce works for a half-dozen churches and the restored Basilica of San Giovanni Artigiano in L’Aquila. Ben Cohen at algemeiner.com describes his success with Church patrons: Gasparro has exhibited his work in Italy and…


Giovanni Gasparro, the Catholic Church, and Antisemitism (Part 1)

Giovanni Gasparro is a 36-year-old figurative painter who lives in Bari, Italy. He specializes in Christian devotional themes. He has painted a lot of saints, in tutte le salse. Unsurprisingly, he has received commissions from local churches and dioceses around Italy. Gasparro is also a nauseating antisemite, whose latest effort shows a Christian child, little…


Iranian Defectors, Or, Goodbye To All That 

  There have been several high-profile defectors from Iran recently. There is a female chess umpire, Shohreh Bayat (above), who was videotaped doing her job at an international tournament. At one point, she removed her hijab – and then put it back on – but she was caught on camera without the hijab; there was…

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