Those “Palestinian Textbooks”: A Comedy of Errors, Or Deliberate Deception? (Part 2)

The E.U.-commissioned study of Palestinian schoolbooks, conducted by the German Georg Eckert Institute, in its Interim Report did not find any evidence of incitement of hatred or violence, not a whiff of antisemitism. Of course it didn’t, for the schoolbooks its researchers studied were not “Palestinian” but Israeli. According to three Conservative British parliamentarians who have…


Those “Palestinian Textbooks”: A Comedy of Errors, Or Deliberate Deception? (Part 1)

The E.U. commissioned a study of Palestinian textbooks to see if claims that they encouraged violence against Jews were true. A group of German analysts at the Georg Eckert Institiute were entrusted with the study, and they concluded that the Palestinian schoolbooks had been unfairly maligned; the Palestinian schoolbooks, they found, contained no such incitement….


Is the Settlers’ Movement Right to Feel Deceived by Netanyahu? (Part 1)

The Israeli settlers’ movement is angry with Prime Minister Minister Netanyahu, who, they believe, had deceived them into thinking he would extend Israeli sovereignty over part, or even all, of the West Bank. But now he has agreed “to suspend” any such move, in order to make possible the UAE-Israel agreement to normalize relations. For…


Is the Settlers’ Movement Right to Feel Deceived by Netanyahu? (Part 2)

More from the article in Israel Hayom on settlers’ mistrust of Netanyahu: Polls have shown wide support in Israel for the UAE deal. But the ideological settler leadership has significant political clout, and has long been a bastion of Netanyahu’s support. Aware that he might lose their backing to parties even more hawkish than his own,…


Hezbollah Threatens Israel – So What Else Is New?

The Israelis have been steadily, relentlessly, conducting a bombing campaign in Syria, in order to prevent Iran from building its own permanent bases inside the county and, especially, from delivering to Hezbollah operatives precision-guided missiles. After each attack, Iran threatens to retaliate, but somehow never manages to follow through. And the same goes for its…


Iran Tries to Take On Israel in Cyberwarfare

On April 24, the Islamic Republic launched a cyberattack on Israel’s water system. Had it succeeded, Israel’s water supply might have been severely damaged, with too much chlorine poured in, making it unfit for human consumption. Israel’s cyber defense systems identified and blocked the attack before it did more than disable a few pumps for…


Ilhan Omar: It’s All About Her Benjamins, Baby

Not content with having misused campaign funds in Minnesota for out-of-state travel, not content with having – apparently — married her own brother in order to commit immigration and student-loan fraud, not content with having been – apparently — married to one man at the same time as she declared on her tax returns, two years running, that she was married to another, not content with having committed adultery with her campaign consultant, to whom she paid unusually large sums, both when they were lovers and now that they are married to one another, llhan Omar continues to have a problem with “benjamins.” Those are the 100-dollar bills with Benjamin Franklin’s face on them; “benjamins” is Omar’s synecdoche for money, lots of it.


Signs of Intelligent Life in Islam: Hussein Halawa

Many Muslim clerics and leaders have been coming up with outlandish theories about the origin of the coronavirus. Some say it was sent by Allah to punish China for its mistreatment of the Muslim Uighurs (the imam who first said it came down with the coronavirus two days after making this claim). Others have said…

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