Giovanni Gasparro, the Catholic Church, and Antisemitism (Part 1)

Giovanni Gasparro is a 36-year-old figurative painter who lives in Bari, Italy. He specializes in Christian devotional themes. He has painted a lot of saints, in tutte le salse. Unsurprisingly, he has received commissions from local churches and dioceses around Italy. Gasparro is also a nauseating antisemite, whose latest effort shows a Christian child, little…


Iranian Defectors, Or, Goodbye To All That 

  There have been several high-profile defectors from Iran recently. There is a female chess umpire, Shohreh Bayat (above), who was videotaped doing her job at an international tournament. At one point, she removed her hijab – and then put it back on – but she was caught on camera without the hijab; there was…


An Iranian Woman’s Anguish

Every so often we get a glimpse into the wretched lives of most Iranians – not that of the well-fed plump mullahs, not the sinisterly smiling Ayatollah Khamenei with his $250 billion business empire, not the IRGC commander threatening to set the whole Middle East aflame – but ordinary Iranians

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