You Can Be Stabbed For Criticizing Islam?

Hatun Tash is a ex-Muslim and Christian evangelist who was slashed with a knife in broad daylight in Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park yesterday. And almost as shocking as the incident itself – as this horrific assault on a woman who was merely expressing her beliefs – has been the silence about it. There has been a trickle of press interest, but no big media splashes, no hashtag solidarity, no politicians expressing concerns that Britain seems to have become a country in which you criticise Islam at your peril. What is going on here?


On its Arabic Website, New York City Islamic Foundation Calls for the Killing of Those who Insult Muhammad

The beheading of the French teacher Samuel Paty for showing a Muhammad cartoon in his class on the freedom of expression has shocked the world and galvanized France, which up to now has been notably supine in its response to jihad terror, into stronger action than it has ever taken before to preserve that freedom…


Breitbart News: Pamela Geller Wins Free Speech Case Against Detroit Public Transportation Censorship

It took over well a decade…..but we won! Background: In 2008, I was in Florida covering the Rifqa Bary court hearings to return her to her devout family, which had promised to kill to her because the teen had left Islam. I was waiting on my ride to the courthouse when I saw this ad…


Federal Judge Releases Muslim Who Pleaded Guilty in Plot to Behead Pamela Geller

How does Judge William Young know that Nicholas Rovinski won’t try to murder me again? He doesn’t. But he clearly doesn’t care. The “compassion” in Rovinski’s “compassionate release” is all for the perpetrator, not for his intended victim or others he might have killed in his jihad as well. Does Judge William Young not realize…

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