Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Social networks should NOT be fact-checking what political speech, “Internet platforms shouldn’t be arbiters of truth,” Pelosi meltsdown

Only in leftist America is what Zuckerbertg said “outrageous” and “controversial.”  Political speech is the most protected speech under the first amendment (not the second, third, or fourth but the first). It is the foundation of our constitutional republic.

Fascists like Nancy Pelosi are unhinged.  She lashed out at Mark Zuckerberg saying Zuckerberg  ‘panders to the White House’ to avoid taxes, regulations.”


Terror-Tied CAIR Exploits George Floyd’s Death

CAIR is joining in the exploitation of George Floyd’s death to bash police. Although we still do not know all the details of this story, it is unlikely that authorities will find anything to excuse the suffocation death of Floyd while in police custody. But, what is perfectly clear is that CAIR has nothing to…


Twitter Fails to Remove Iran’s VILE Antisemitic Fars News Agency Page

Jack Dorsey will sic his fact checkers on President Trump for rightfully denouncing mail-in-ballots, but has no problem with an Iranian media outlet posting the most vile anti-Semitic propaganda imaginable. Horrible! The Fars News Agency's English Twitter account spews antisemitic cartoons & posts, which blatantly deny the #Holocaust, conspiracy theories & demonize Jews. Stop this…