Under Trump, America Strongest Since the End of World War II

No one is more unhappy about this than the treasonous Democrats. Labor participation rate is breaking records. Unemployment is at historic lows across all demographics. Wages are increasing, faster for those at the lower income levels than for those at the top. China has agreed to a historic trade deal. Congress passed the new US-Mexico-Canada trade deal which will create jobs across the continent.


France: 150 occupied territories are held by Islamists, according to a Secret Defense document

France didn’t want to see them. The media said they didn’t exist. They blamed those who used the expression “no-go zone” of being right-wing extremists. These are now Islamist territories, according to the DGSI, French General Directorate for Internal Security. One after the other, French governments have allowed the situation to deteriorate, now the French are footing…