Despite huge contribution to Corona fight, media MOCKS ‘My Pillow Guy’ Mike Lindell for invoking G-d and bible, but what if he invoked Allah and Quran

Media mocking was wildly off the charts despite Lindell’s massive contribution to the corona fight in re-purposing his factories to make medical supplies.

Imagine if he invoked Allah and the qur’an. Lindell would have been the new king-caliph. He’d have been feted and fawned over. He would have been the new media darling.


Giovanni Gasparro, the Catholic Church, and Antisemitism (Part 1)

Giovanni Gasparro is a 36-year-old figurative painter who lives in Bari, Italy. He specializes in Christian devotional themes. He has painted a lot of saints, in tutte le salse. Unsurprisingly, he has received commissions from local churches and dioceses around Italy. Gasparro is also a nauseating antisemite, whose latest effort shows a Christian child, little…


McConnell says Trump impeachment trial ‘diverted the attention’ of the government as coronavirus entered US

The Democrats must be voted out of office in November. No political party that is this dangerous should ever hold such political power. #GOP2020! Related – President Trump Warned America About Coronavirus in the Speech Pelosi Tore Up When coronavirus was already raging across China they were doing this crap in Congress — Jack…