U.S. manufacturing activity at 19-month high in August

The Democrats cannot and will not crush the American spirit.

Despite Democrats’ weaponizing COVID to shut down America, close states, mandatejoblessness, imprison Americans in their own homes in Democrat states — the right – the red states – will save America.


President Trump Grows the Fastest Economic Recovery in U.S. History

Despite the Democrat lockdowns, riots, looting, widespread crime and violence — the American people want what’s right, decent and good.

Under President Trump, America built the strongest economy the world has ever seen. The stock market broke records, the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in half a century, and income inequality fell as blue-collar jobs returned to our country.


WATCH LIVE: President Trump to discuss supporting small businesses and the PPP program

  This @realDonaldTrump press conference is everything. Gd bless this young man. Gd bless America. pic.twitter.com/OQUowfvWbF — Pamela Geller (@PamelaGeller) April 28, 2020 Coffee Shop who employs 120 people who intellectual and developmental disabilities was able to keep all of their employees on the payroll thanks to the Paycheck Protection Program. pic.twitter.com/x8oxiCI4OR — Benny (@bennyjohnson)…


Poorly Managed States Should End Up in Bankruptcy

Americans should not be forced to pay for the bad management and fiscal irresponsibility of Democrat states. Many states, like New York, were billions in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. The corona virus should not be exploited to bail out these failed governors.

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