Detroit: Muslim Doctor Charged With Vaginal Mutilation of Nine Girls Aged Just Seven ‘Was Part of Secret Muslim Network Which Traveled Across US to Perform Agonizing Procedure,’ Court Hears

American Muslim doctors have managed to evade prosecution for this heinous butchery as the West continues to invert itself morally and culturally in order to adhere to sharia (Islamic law)

Female genital mutilation (FGM) or clitoridectomy is an Islamic tradition, rampant in the Muslim world. As the hijrah to the West continues, so does the insistence that we adopt Islamic mores and traditions,  no matter how horrific.

Popular US Magazine Hires Terror Supporter as ‘Palestine Correspondent’

His name Mohammed El-Kurd. He has been hired by The Nation to be their first-ever Palestine Correspondent. El-Kurd will vilify Israel and glorify Palestinian terrorists to The Nation’s one million readers. America’s Palestinian activists represent a major threat to American Jews. Their public demonization of Israel is making life for pro-Israel Jewish Americans uncomfortable and…