Gov. Inslee Setting Up COVID Internment Camps in Washington State, Issuing Job Listings For “Strike Team” Coordinator

The Democrats are making plans, big plansa, or you and your family. A Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “isolation and quarantine” facility has been set up by Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington state. And Inslee is now looking to hire people for the “strike team” that will run it.

TYRANNY:’Biden’s’ IRS and U.S. Treasury Seeks To Monitor Every Bank Account With Over $600 And Report It To The IRS

It’s important to point out the Democrat-criminal-media has given this unprecedented power grab and seizure of our privacy rights no media coverage.

The fraudulent regime means to gain access to all your financial data – knowing EVERYTHING about you, where you go, what you buy, who you see, everything you do.

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