Democrat Keynote Speaker Tells High School Grads They’re Entering A World Of “Capitalism” and “White Supremacy,” Encourages Them To Remember “Jihad” And Reject Objectivity

It took the left only a few decades to go from the Greatest generation to the very worst (moronnialls). That didn’t just happen, it was made to happen.

As far as Abrar Omeish telling our children to ‘reject objectivity” — this is, of all the poisonous things she said, is the most repugnant and intellectually barbaric.  Human knowledge and values are objective: they exist and are determined by the nature of reality, to be discovered by one’s mind, and are not created by the thoughts one may or may not have. Objectivity is the only rational means man has of understanding reality and existence.  Reality exists as an objective absolute, impervious to our wishes or desires.

Moral good is objectively real and moral precepts are objectively valid.

TREASON: Wuhan Lab Funder Daszak Emailed Fauci, Thanking Him for Dismissing Lab Leak Theory

Geller Report was was one a handful of websites publishing reports from Chinese scientists detailing COVID’s origins. We were punished, suspended, terminated …. we were, yet again, right about everything. And yet my colleagues and I are still ostracized, smeared, defamed and libeled.

Democrats are the enemy of the people.

‘Biden’: ‘White Supremacists’ More of a Threat Than Islamic State (ISIS), Al Qaeda

Utterly and deliberately disconnected from reality and reason but now you know who the Democrat party of terror is targeting in post-constitutional America. They are coming after “white supremacists”, in other words, anyone who opposes totalitarianism and collectivism.

“Biden”: DHS Is for Migration, Not Homeland Security

“Biden’s” budget request to Congress for 2022 portrays the nation’s homeland security agency as a welcome center for economic migrants who will compete for Americans’ jobs, wages, and homes.

They are out to destroy us all. Homeland Security was created as a response to 9/11. Now the Dems are weaponizing it against us

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