Nearly 2/3s of US young adults unaware 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust, BLAME Jews for Holocaust

This is an appalling indictment not only of the lax standards of our educational system but also of the intellectual curiosity of those surveyed. Doubtless, many of these people believe that the Flat Earth Society might be on to something! The masters of the Scottish boarding school, in which I served an arduous six year…


Racist Democratic National Committee platform mentions ‘whites’ 15 times, all damning

Below you will see what the Democrats intend to impose on America if the moribund Burisma Joe Biden manages to scramble into the imperial box. The Democratic Party was the party of the KKK, the party of slavery, the party of segregation and the party of secession.Now it is the party of divisiveness as their…


Queen Elizabeth Akbar!

In a recent article on Pamela Geller’s website I was horrified to read that a Moroccan newspaper recently alleged that it had traced Queen Elizabeth II’s ancestry back to Muhammad.


Islam over democracy in Europe

One of the most disturbing things to me is the way British subjects who went to fight for ISIS have been treated on their return to the U.K. Instead of being stripped of their citizenship, tried before a military tribunal and executed they have been given preferential treatment with regard to acquiring public housing. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, however, are deemed by the Home Office to be “not conducive to the public good”. Nothing could be more preposterous or dangerous for that matter.

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