The ‘Great Return March’ Campaign: An Initiative Sponsored By Hamas to Invade Israel and Kill Jews

An examination of statements coming out of Gaza about the “Great Return March” campaign, by Hamas officials, by campaign organizers, and by participants and supporters of the campaign, reveal that it was not merely a popular civilian campaign but was fully supported by Hamas, and that its goal was to breach the border fence in order to penetrate Israeli territory and march on Israeli communities.


Enemedia, New York Times’ “innocent civilians” killed yesterday are HAMAS and ISLAMIC JIHAD TERRORISTS, Al Quds Brigades

The violent invasion of Israel by jihad armies is #war. The enemedia’s pathetic propaganda to spin this otherwise makes Tokyo Rose look plain amateurish. One might think the New York Times would be sensitive to working in the cause of brutal dictators and genocidal movements. They loved Stalin, tolerated and whitewashed Nazi Jew-hatred, now this.

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