President Trump’s Exit Approval Rating Higher than Biden’s Entrance Approval Rating

And this was before Beijing Biden:

Killed tens of thousands of jobs:
End all travel bans, including from jihadist regions
Amnesty for all illegals
Rejoin Paris climate accord
Eliminate all carbon emissions by 2030
Free public housing for all former inmates
Require federal reserve to end racial inequity
Universal government healthcare


Iran’s Rouhani on Trump: ‘In a Few Days, the Life of This Criminal Will End’

Fulminating Wednesday about the killing of jihad leader Qassem Soleimani, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani thundered: “As I said after the martyrdom of Martyr Soleimani, I emphasise again that if you cut off Martyr Soleimani’s hand, we will cut off your leg from the region and we will continue the resistance until that day….One of the…

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