Tattaglia’s a Pimp. It Was Barzini All Along.

After 9/11, understandably, there was a great deal of international focus upon the jihad terror threat. Western governments quickly decided, without a shred of evidence, that what had happened on that terrible day was completely un-Islamic, and that jihad terrorism had its roots in alleged Western misconduct, not in Islamic texts and teachings. That has…


Failed Massachusetts congressional candidate: ‘I read the Koran in Arabic loudly while Trump2020 trucks rolled by’

Ihssane Leckey was a far-Left candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ fourth congressional district. In the primary last Tuesday, she finished fifth (the winner was Jake Auchincloss). After her defeat, she took to Twitter to thank her followers and boast of her accomplishments, which included: “You joined in prayer as I read the Koran in Arabic…


Brooklyn’s Jihadi Lawyer and Her CAIR/Soros-Linked Benefactor

The recent arrest of a Brooklyn lawyer, and the background of her “best friend” who bailed her out, illuminates one of the most puzzling aspects of the contemporary scene: the Leftist/Islamic alliance. Over the years I’ve been asked numerous times about this alliance, which many people don’t understand due to the fact that the Left…

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