Six of London Bridge Muslim terrorist’s fellow Stock Exchange bomb plotters have also been FREED from prison – and another was freed only to be re-jailed after plotting a Lee Rigby-beheading attack

The nine jihadists plotted to blow up the London Stock Exchange and kill Boris Johnson. UK releases murderous jihadis into society but bans voices for freedom like my colleagues and me. Of course, citizens are going to be slaughtered in the streets in cold blood.


London Bridge Jihadi Was At “Deradicalization” Program When He Began His Murderous Rampage

London Bridge jihad murderer Usman Khan was at Cambridge University Friday, attending a prisoner rehabilitation conference, when he suddenly decided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the “deradicalization” process: Khan stabbed Jack Merritt, 25, to death at what the Daily Mail called a “prisoner rehabilitation conference that paired jailed killers with students and held creative writing…


Islamic State claims responsibility for London Bridge jihad attack

Usman Khan was a veteran, experienced jihadi. There is no reason why he could not have been a member of an ISIS cell. British authorities are so busy hunting down people who say rude things to Muslims, they don’t have the resources to keep track of trivial matters such as Islamic State jihad massacre plotting….


UK: Moments before London Bridge jihad massacre, killer was set to share his “rehabilitation” story

The willful ignorance and idiocy of the British governing authorities knows no bounds. They are so determine to appease their rapidly growing Muslim population that they engage in fantasies about “rehabilitation” and “deradicalization” that only end up getting people killed. They’re far more interested in pursuing foes of jihad terror than in stopping jihad terrorists….

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