What the Biden Administration Should Do Now About the Palestinian Authority

The Palestinian Authority elections were called not because Palestinian Authority President-for-Life Mahmoud Abbas had suddenly become a believer in democracy, but because he wanted to put on a show for the Americans, with what he thought would be a reasonable facsimile of democracy, hoping thereby to turn on the spigot of aid that Trump had turned off. But when it became clear he would lose both the presidential and the parliamentary elections, he cancelled the elections.

Buoyed By Washington’s Support, the Palestinian Authority Shows Its Fangs

The Biden Administration seems to believe that the best way to oppose the terror group Hamas is to support its arch-rival, the Palestinian Authority. Mahmoud Abbas may be a despot, a President-For-Life now entering the sixteenth year of his four-year term; he may have his goons threaten and intimidate his critics, but at least he isn’t launching rockets into Israel.

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