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[ December 10, 2019 ]

Bronx: Muslim migrant plotted to behead people with chainsaw, had huge cache of weapons

[ December 10, 2019 ]

After NAS Pensacola shooting, Navy suspends flight training for nearly 300 Saudi students, official says

[ December 10, 2019 ]

Three Orthodox Jews said hurt in heavy gunfire in NJ kosher supermarket

[ December 10, 2019 ]

Two Gunmen Randomly Open Fire At Jewish Market, Two Cops Shot, “Active Shooting Situation”

[ December 10, 2019 ]

Attorney General: FBI acted in ‘bad faith’ in probing Trump campaign’s links to Russia

[ December 10, 2019 ]

Texas Muslim cleric whines that when Muslims preach about Muslims killing Jews, “Pamela Geller jumps...

[ December 10, 2019 ]

Jewish student brutally attacked by Muslims at Paris metro for speaking Hebrew

[ December 10, 2019 ]

EU openly declares war on the Jews

[ December 10, 2019 ]

Poll: President Donald Trump Beating 2020 Democrats in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin

[ December 10, 2019 ]

COUP UPDATE: Dems Abandon Charge of Bribery, House Democrats File Two Articles of Impeachment on...


Wilders: Dutch Government Should Apologize for Nazi Collaboration in WWII deportation of Jews

Good on Geert Wilders for calling out his country's Jew-hatred during World War II. It bears repeating that Dutch collaboration with the Nazis led to the extermination of over 95% of Dutch Jews during the Holocaust. In 1941, there were 154,887 Jews in Holland. In 1947 there were 14,346 (*Census). Where is the circumspection? This…


Jew-hating Trade Union leader threatens Jewish schools because of Israel’s reaction to UNESCO vote

This is why there must be an Israel. This is why we must stand up for the tiny Jewish state at any and all costs. Because Islamic anti-semitism is the get-out-of-jail-free card for the Jew-haters across the world to come out of their hate closet. And they are. In spades. The irrationality and anger that…


Ghazis and Nazis Takeover of Obama-Endorsed OccupyAmerica Movement
Keffiyeh Day at Occupy Wall Street! And BDS at #OWS

It was only a matter of time before the pro-jihad Jew-haters would find a leftwing movement with legs that they would leech onto. What better perverted movement than the Obama-endorsed Occupy zombied movement. Tomorrow, the aspiring annihilationists adopt the wearing of the icon that Yasser Arafat made famous, the keffiyeh, symbol of Jew-hatred and Islamic…


Jewish Woman Bravely Escapes Homemade German Torture Chamber

Shades of Ilan Halimi. Israeli Woman Bravely Escapes Homemade German Torture Chamber The Blaze An investigation is underway after an Israeli woman residing in Hamburg, Germany, was allegedly kidnapped and  held captive in a homemade torture chamber. The woman made her escape from the torture chamber — a soundproofed cell made from a converted telephone booth…


Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Jews Not Welcome to Buy Delta Tickets to Saudi Arabia

Check out my oped today in The American Thinker: Jews Not Welcome to Buy Delta Tickets to Saudi Arabia Pamela Geller Once we accept these racist Sharia-compliant regulations, it is a slippery slope. [….] Saudi law bans Jews from entering Saudi Arabia, and Delta’s partnership with Saudi Arabian Airlines requires it to accept that law. …


Ilan Halimi: Verdict in the Muslim “Gang of Barbarians” appellate court trial Paris

One teenage gang member admitted having put out a cigarette on Halimi’s face “because he didn’t like Jews.” Longtime Atlas readers are painfully aware of the savage murder of the French Jewish young man, Ilan Halimi (previous Atlas coverage here). Tonight, Friday evening (shabbat), the verdict was read, a repeat of July 2009, when the…


Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Crawling Out from under the Rauf

Please read my oped today in the American Thinker. Crawling Out from under the Rauf Pamela Geller, American Thinker Look what's crawling out from under the Rauf. Without his Albright résumé and subdued dhimmedia running interference, it is plain as day that this hustler, the renowned "moderate" Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf of the Park 51…

Report: 10 Killed in Jew-Hating Jihad Flotilla After Muslim “Militants” Open Fire on Israel Soldiers: “It was like a well-planned lynch,” “These people were anything but peace activists”

They were singing khaibar yahud before the raid Translation, from PMW, May 31, 2010: Flotilla participants chanted Islamic battle cry invoking killing of Jews Reporter: "Despite the Israeli threats and several unexpected delays, the arrival of the ships at the meeting point before sailing to the Gaza Strip inflamed the emotions and the enthusiasm of…

Pamela Geller, Big Government: It’s Holocaust Day, and Another Holocaust Is Looming

Here’s an excerpt, but why settle for crumbs? Go, read the whole thing … It’s Holocaust Day, and Another Holocaust Is Looming And here we are 60 years later, and Islam is back in full bloom, with Muslims sharpening their machetes for the beheading of the Jewish state — much the way Muhammad annihilated the…

Pamela Geller, Human Events: U.S. Leftist Invents Haiti Blood Libel

Check out my piece in today’s Human Events: The Islamic media has long trafficked in genocidal anti-Jewish hate speech and blood libel. But now the ummah has a new collaborator in the U.S.: leftist anti-Semites who traffic in libel on leftwing sites like the notorious Huffington Post. Recently a regular Huffington Post commenter fabricated a…


Concealing the Truth about Auschwitz Blueprints and the Mufti:
62 Years Criminal Secrecy, State Dept Sits on Bombshell

On Aug. 28, 1946, Dean Acheson, then Acting Secretary of State, announced that “the State Dept. is preparing a White Paper concerning the activities of the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem.” Acheson said the publication would be in the form of a book, which would cover all the documents concerning the ex-Mufti seized from German files. This…

On the 65th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz,
Liberate the Truth About the Auschwitz Blueprints

Is there not one honorable person who knows and will speak the truth on this, the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz? On January 27th, survivors of the concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau attended a ceremony marking the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz camp and to remember the victims of the Holocaust in…

The Mufti’s Lair

Why are the Germans hiding Nazi secrets? Help solve the mystery – go here. The future hangs. A French publication listed Albertstrasse-5 in Berlin as the Grand Mufti's "Islamic Studies" apartment; the Germans paid the rent… hat tip Bunch UPDATE: There are English translations of many of the Mufti's radio broadcasts. Bunch sends a sample:…

In Whose Apartment were the Blueprints for Auschwitz found? Why the Secret? [BUMPED]

ATLAS EXCLUSIVE: This post will continue to be updated as fresh evidence emerges. The blueprints for Auschwitz went on display yesterday after being discovered in November 2008. The location of their discovery is being kept secret. They were ‘discovered in a apartment behind a wall when a renovation/remodel was taking place’. No one will say…

Auschwitz: The Mass Death Blueprints Exhibit – Bitter Cold Calculation

Auschwitz Blueprints on Display in Israeli Holocaust Museum JERUSALEM  —  The neat lines and red rectangular sketches look like any typical architectural design. But the handwritten initials H.H. — belonging to the infamous Nazi SS chief Heinrich Himmler — indicate what the drawings represent: wooden barracks, gas chambers and crematoria. Just ahead of the 65th…

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