Strong views and ‘close to the boss’: How U.S. envoy to Israel reshaped a conflict

Where was the U.S.-Israel relationship when Ambassador David Friedman took charge in early 2017? It was in crisis. It was unrecognizable. It was decimated after eight years of the anti-Israel Obama administration. When President Trump nominated David Friedman to become the U.S Ambassador to Israel, the Left went absolutely nuts. Watch the clips from Friedman’s…

Atlas Vlogs the Keffiyeh at the Israel Day Parade

   Watch in higher quality here The parade – gorgeous weather, gorgeous, faces, gorgeous nashuma. Not a keffiyeh in sight (see previous posts on the Dunkin Donuts keffiiyah brouhaha here, here, and here And then the annihilationists and Jew haters show up — cloaked in the keffiyeh She’s ashamed, she covered her face. This fat…

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