TRUMP PEACE: Arab, Israeli signatories celebrate first anniversary of Abraham Accords

It’s hard to believe that the Abraham Accords were signed at the Rose Garden just one year ago. How we miss the glorious days of the Trump Administration when we had stability in the world. When we had peace agreements being signed between Israel and her Arab neighbors. Today, the Middle East is once again destabilized because of the policies of the Biden Administration. It’s such a tragedy.

TRUMP PEACE: Israel foreign minister lands in Morocco for first visit since Abraham Accords

This is the first visit by an Israeli foreign minister to Morocco in close to 20 years. Several agreements of co-operation were signed between the two nations. In addition, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid is scheduled to inaugurate Israel’s mission in Rabat. All of this is made possible by President Trump’s historic and miraculous Abraham Accords….

TRUMP PEACE: Top Bahraini, Israeli FM Officials Bond Under The Sea, Diving For Peace

Trump performed miracles. It’s why the party of evil communist bastards staged a coup.

Miracle after miracle from President Trump’s Abraham Accords. If President Trump was still in office, Israel would have established full diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia, Oman, and several other Muslim majority nations across Africa and Asia. What a tragedy.

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