Breitbart News: Pamela Geller Wins Free Speech Case Against Detroit Public Transportation Censorship

It took over well a decade…..but we won! Background: In 2008, I was in Florida covering the Rifqa Bary court hearings to return her to her devout family, which had promised to kill to her because the teen had left Islam. I was waiting on my ride to the courthouse when I saw this ad…


Pamela Geller Files Lawsuit Against Gov. Cuomo and De Blasio Who Support BLM Protests but Suspend First Amendment for All Others

The lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of political activist Pamela Geller, challenges the Governor’s and Mayor’s executive orders which prohibit “non-essential gatherings” of more than 10 people in the City—orders which make it unlawful to peaceably assemble and protest, unless your protest supports the political agenda of the BLM movement.


Geller Vs. De Blasio: Federal Appeals Court Asked to Stop NYC Mayor’s Tyranny

In an extraordinary rebuke of judicial redress, Clinton appointed Judge Denise Cote tried to dismiss our  lawsuit against New York City’s ban against protests. I have filed many a free speech lawsuit against various municipalities including New York and never before did I see a judge schedule our hearing almost immediately and try to dismiss it just as quickly – without even giving us an opportunity to present our case. This is a glaring example of how decayed and corrupt the New York political system is.

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