WATCH: Huge Male-Dominated Crowds/Rioters Attack Police, Ignore Lockdowns to Celebrate Pakistan Independence Day…. in England

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Pilling, of Greater Manchester Police (GMP), said the behaviour of the revellers was “beyond comprehension”, adding: “I can honestly say that, in 30 years of policing, I have never seen anything quite as outrageous as this behaviour.”

If Pakistan independence elicits such powerful emotion and  lawlessness, why aren’t they celebrating in Pakistan? Why aren’t they tearing up Pakistani streets not English ones?


In Pakistan, Another Case of an Unclean Kaffir

Very few people—non-Muslims, that is — in the West know that the Qur’an describes Muslims as the “best of peoples” and non-Muslims as “the most vile of created beings.” It sounds like something made up by “islamophobes” to blacken the good name of Islam – but, alas, neither description is made up; both are found…

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