President Trump Attorney DiGenova: Fraud, Deception In Pennsylvania Election Is ‘Truly Staggering’

Watch Joe DiGenova’s analysis. This is going to the Supreme Court of the United States. Attorney DiGenova Says Fraud, Deception In Pa. Election Is ‘Truly Staggering’ By OAN, November 28, 2020: In an exclusive interview, attorney Joe diGenova, a member of the President’s legal team examining election irregularities, said the amount of election fraud and…


US Army seizes Dominion servers in Germany, Trump lawyer vows, ‘I’m going to release the Kraken’

The evidence for massive voter fraud continues to pile up, and these two new developments could break the whole thing wide open. The Dominion servers may reveal just how extensive the fraud was — they could be the gamechanger. And Trump lawyer Sidney Powell says it’s “irrefutable” that Trump won in a landslide. The media’s…

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