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[ December 12, 2018 ]

ISIS Magazine for Millennials Threatens Vehicle Attacks Near U.S. Capitol

[ December 12, 2018 ]

Is Texas Going Green?

[ December 12, 2018 ]

MANHUNT: Another Muslim migrant murderer STABS girl to death, won’t be deported because he faces...

[ December 12, 2018 ]

Mahmoud Al-Habbash, Advisor to Abbas: Men May Only Beat Their Wives When They Are Disobedient

[ December 12, 2018 ]

Fatah posts photo of Abbas reading Quran on $50 million private plane while the “Palestinians”...

[ December 12, 2018 ]

Police find 776 pornographic photos on accused rapist Tariq Ramadan’s laptops

[ December 11, 2018 ]

Jihadi in Strasbourg Christmas Market Mass Murderer was on ‘Terror Watch List’

[ December 11, 2018 ]

Terror in France: 4 DEAD, 11 Wounded in jihad attack on CHRISTMAS MARKET

[ December 11, 2018 ]

France: Manhunt underway for man “known to police” who opened fire at Christmas market, killing...

[ December 11, 2018 ]

Canada: First wave of Syrian refugees set to become Canadian citizens


AFDI Lawsuit: Motion Asking Michigan Federal Court to Rule that Ban on “Leaving Islam” Bus Ad Violates the U.S. Constitution

Here's the latest on our lawsuit against SMART in Detroit. First a recap: back in 2009, Detroit Transit and SMART transit refused to run our AFDI ads. We sued, we won, and they appealed. SMART was refusing to run outreach ads that might help Muslims living in dangeorus households. You might think that the Muslim…



Christian "Sh*t" Hildebrandt before the three B's: Bald, Belly, and Beard I just finished a grueling six hours in the kindergarten sandbox with the neighborhood bully. You'd think this was a criminal case and I was the defendant; in reality, I was the plaintiff, being deposed today in my three-year legal battle for free speech…


“Leaving Islam?” Ads Deposition

I flew into Michigan late last night after spending a good part of my afternoon and evening yesterday on the tarmac. I am being deposed today in my three-year legal battle for free speech against Dearborn SMART transit for refusing my ads to help Muslim girls living in dangerous and violent households. Longtime Atlas readers…


U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit rules AFDI Islam ad is political
Geller: opinion is “tortured and twisted.”

The Wall Street Journal on the Sixth Circuit Court's ruling that Islam is political, hence our "Leaving Islam?" bus ads designed to help Muslims in danger cannot run on Dearborn buses: "When the Side of a Bus Isn't a Public Space" Wall Street Journal, October 28, 2012 Does the First Amendment protect our right to…


Pamela Geller, WND weekly column:
Government argues that Islam is ‘political’

Don't miss my take-down of the 6th circuit court in my first amendment hearing in Cincinnati. The fight for free speech blows up. Government argues that Islam is 'political' WND,  August 1, 2012 Exclusive: Pamela Geller gives blow-by-blow account of trial over Detroit ads What began as a clear First Amendment issue has exploded into…


AFDI v. SMART Again: Fight Sharia, Taking Dearborn Back to Court, “Let Freedom Roll!”

"The Constitution does not permit government to decide which types of otherwise protected speech are sufficiently offensive to require protection for the unwilling listener or viewer." AFDI/SIOA motion previously filed and won Well over a year ago, we filed a lawsuit in Michigan against the transit authority, SMART, for the egregious violation of free speech…


DETROIT Appeals Free Speech Ruling, “Leaving Islam?” Bus Ads Won’t Run Yet, As Michigan Girl Gets Honor Murdered For “Not Following Islam”

As you know, we won our lawsuit against Detroit SMART (transit) to run our bus ads helping Muslims living in dangerous domestic situations. Our "Leaving Islam?" bus campaign was designed for girls like Rifqa Bary and Jessica Mokdad and Noor Almaleki and Amina and Sarah Said and any one of these individuals.… Apostasy is punishable…


Detroit Transit Appeals Our Free Speech Victory Verdict on Freedom Buses
Seeks to Impose Sharia (Blasphemy) Laws on Dearborn Buses

Back on April 2,  I happily announced that we had won in our year-long struggle against the violation of our first amendment rights in Dearborn/Detroit after they refused AFDI/SIOA's bus ads offering assistance to apostates under death fatwas. Thousands of Muslims who have left Islam have been murdered under the sharia (Islamic law). We have…


AFDI Protects the First Amendment and Wins big against SMART

Freedom buses will run in Detroit! We won in our free speech lawsuit against Detroit. Huge props to our stealth legal team David Yerushalmi and Robert Muise.  Prideful plaintiff here. Legal warriors nonpareil. This is a huge win, not just for us, but for the First Amendment. Geller Vs. Detroit While there are technical aspects…


Detroit Free Speech Lawsuit Status: Eight Months Later Still No Decision

"[T]he Constitution does not permit government to decide which types of otherwise protected speech are sufficiently offensive to require protection for the unwilling listener or viewer." AFDI/SIOA motion filed today   New York City Freedom Bus Back in May of last year, I filed a lawsuit against the city of Detroit Transit SMART Geller Vs….


“Refuge From Islam” Website Forbidden? UPDATE: Authentication Box Removed

UPDATE: Thanks to the many Atlas readers for clearing this up. The link to the Foreign  Office was generating the authentication code but I could not remove the box without removing the post – despite whatever image edits I made. Post removed, box removed. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ As you know, I maintaingreat deal of consternation in the…

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