DeSantis slams critical race theory and says it will have no place in Florida classrooms: ‘Not worth one red cent’

Watch. If America’s voting system is not federalized by the Democrats, then Governor Ron DeSantis can be elected POTUS in 2024. Related – DeSANTIS: ‘Teaching Kids to Hate Their Country and Each Other’ Not Worth ‘One Cent from Taxpayers’ Gov. @RonDeSantisFL announces Florida's curriculum will "expressly exclude…Critical Race Theory." “There's no room in our classrooms…

Gov. DeSantis’ anti-rioting bill on fast track in Florida House

This past summer in America’s major cities, we witnessed some of the most violent rioting of our lifetime. Leftist governors such as Cuomo, Waltz, Newsom,  and Evers took insufficient action to defend their citizens from these riots. Well Governor DeSantis of Florida is not going to make the same mistake. He is going to protect the people of Florida. This bill will go a long way in preventing the violent disorder we saw last summer.

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