America’s Woke Culture Is ‘Racializing’ France, President Macron Says

For well over a century America was a force for good across the world. The USA exported political freedom, individualism and the fruits of America’s moral, rational culture based on individual rights and freedom. That’s been turned on its head. The American left is now leading the world into a new, dark age.

DEMOCRAT DEVASTATION: Top finance, tech firms mulling NY MASS EXODUS over proposed tax hike

The twin tyrants wrecking New York. If the Democrat-controlled state legislature passes its proposed $208 billion tax-and-spend plan, “New York State will be the most-taxed state in the country,”

Once Wall Street bolts en masse, New York will continue to decay and disintegrate into decrepitude like all the other failed Democrat cities like Detroit, until it too, becomes a tale of once upon a time in America when it was great.

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