WATCH! Police Officer SHOT in Louisville in BLM Riots, Rioters March Through the Streets Following Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Decision: ‘Burn it Down!’

BREAKING: Louisville police have confirmed an officer has been shot in the Breonna Taylor riots. — David Hookstead (@dhookstead) September 24, 2020 Multiple shots fired at the #LouisvilleProtests. Little details other than these observations, but this is looking awful. #Louisville #LouisvilleProtest #BlackLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/9KaA5NrSE4 — Andrew Christensen (@tehandrew_) September 24, 2020 BLM protestors are destroying Louisville….


Why We Need History

The savage Left is busy tearing down statues and repudiating American history, and with it America itself. In response, lovers of freedom are deploring the destruction and denouncing the barbarians, but few are mounting a robust and informed response to their hatred of American history itself. Yet if there is anything that this orgy of…


Black Lives Matter Rioters Deface Statue Of Famous Abolitionist, ‘He Was BLM Before There Was a Slogan’

People are saying that this shows the ignorance of the rioters, and it certainly does. But even if these Black Lives Matter rioters had known who Matthias Baldwin was, they’re unlikely to have cared. They want to rewrite American history as an unbroken record of racism and hatred and oppression. Someone like Matthias Baldwin, who…


Brooklyn’s Jihadi Lawyer and Her CAIR/Soros-Linked Benefactor

The recent arrest of a Brooklyn lawyer, and the background of her “best friend” who bailed her out, illuminates one of the most puzzling aspects of the contemporary scene: the Leftist/Islamic alliance. Over the years I’ve been asked numerous times about this alliance, which many people don’t understand due to the fact that the Left…

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