34 Countries Boycott Infamous Durban IV Conference

The notorious Jew hatefest Durban IV is a bust for two major reasons. The first reason is Israel’s technological prowess that it shares with much of the world. The second reason is Israel’s remarkable diplomatic achievements during the Trump Administration. 20 years after the infamous Durban Conference, Israel is considerably stronger than it was in 2001. More than a match for the anti-Semitic BDS Movement.

U.N. Human Rights Council Puts Israel on Trial, Permanently

The Jew-hating United Nations’ obsession with Israel continues. As the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) elevates and legitimizes some of the most barbaric and murderous countries on the planet, it seeks to delegitimize Israel, the world’s only Jewish state, and the only democracy in the Middle East. Under President Trump, the United States left…

Brutal Human Rights Violator Syria Elected to WHO Executive Board, Activists Outraged

“Syria’s Assad regime, with the help of its allies Russia and Iran, systematically bombs hospitals and clinics, killing doctors, nurses, and others as they care for the sick and injured. Health professionals have also been arrested, disappeared, imprisoned, tortured and executed. Electing this murderous regime to govern the world’s top health body is an insult to Assad’s millions of victims, and sends a terrible message,

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