ADL Top Dog Apologizes For the Orgs’ Opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque

The ADL was right then, and you are wrong now. And you’re not just wrong in falling for the slick lies of sharpies who have sold you a bill of goods about Muslim victimhood and a fictional mosque of reconciliation. You’re wrong in demonizing and defaming those who stood up against this sinister project at the time, and who have done the work the ADL should have been doing in raising awareness of Islamic antisemitism and fighting its growing influence. In that great struggle, the ADL has always been on the wrong side, and still is, to your everlasting shame.

ADL Ignores Real Anti-Semites, Goes After Pro-Israel Jews

So the ADL is letting the Ben & Jerry’s boycott, which in its demonization of Israel is an active manifestation of anti-Semitism that is damaging to Israel and to the Jewish people worldwide, pass with a tweet, and is working to destroy a pro-Israel organization that stands against the genuine anti-Semitism it fears to oppose.


Donald Trump Fires Back at Antisemitic “Jewish” Hate Group ADL

The ADL should be sued for fraud. They raise money on the premise that they “fight antisemitism.” On the contrary, they fuel and align with the world’s most vicious Jew-haters. Longtime Atlas readers are well educated in the vicious, duplicitous anti-Jewish leadership of the ADL. I have crossed swords with the vicious leftist “Jewish” organization,…

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