Supreme Court Rules That Foreign Soros-Backed Operatives Do Not Have First Amendment Rights

Beat the devil.

“Those foreign organizations are legally separate from the American organizations. And because foreign organizations operating abroad do not possess constitutional rights, those foreign organizations do not have a First Amendment right to disregard the Policy Requirement,” he continued.

“In sum, plaintiffs’ foreign affiliates are foreign organizations, and foreign organizations operating abroad possess no rights under the U. S. Constitution,” Kavanaugh concluded.


Molotov-throwing Muslim Lawyer in Brooklyn Was Intern for Soros-funded Anti-Israel Group

The black hand strikes again. It is no surprise that Urooj Rahman would be involved with Soros-funded leftist groups supporting the “Palestinian” jihad. The left and the global jihad are united in their hatred of the United States and Israel, and their determination to bring both down. “Molotov-throwing Lawyer in Brooklyn Was Intern for Soros-funded…


Star impeachment witness has connections with Ukrainian think tank funded by SOROS and gas company at the center of corruption allegations against the Bidens

Schitt show. Democrat corruption is so deep, and so twisted that they carry on as if it somehow acceptable because, well. it’s them. Blatant, brazen – like the mafia.

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