Elite NYC High School Refuses to Cave to Muslim Prom Demands

Kudos to this Brooklyn school for not submitting to Muslim demands to change their prom. Why should non-Muslims, once again, be forced to change our mores and traditions in accordance with Islam? Muslims are the only immigrant group that comes to the West with a ready-made model of society they believe to superior and the mean to impose it. The idea is to establish and enforce the principle that wherever Islamic law and American customs, practices, mores, business policies, and laws conflict, the American side would have to give way.


Didsbury Mosque and Manchester Muslim leaders presented as voices of coexistence sent VILE ANTISEMITIC TWEETS

In recent days, as Manchester reels from the atrocity inflicted at the Manchester Arena, Fawzi Haffar and Dr Siema Iqbal have been presented as local Muslim leaders in Manchester who speak out firmly against extremism, but according to a collection of tweets brought to light by Manchester-based North West Friends of Israel, both Mr Haffar and Dr Iqbal eschew their moderate messages when it comes to Jews.

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