UNCOVERED: Nazi Leader Himmler letter to Muslim leader Mufti al Husseini

I have for many years documented the close ties between Nazi leadership and the leaders of the Muslim world. I have an entire category devoted to my research here. I was roundly derided and criticized for an ad campaign I ran highlighting the alliance between Hitler and the Muslim world. Even by pseudo-intellectuals such as Daniel Pipes.

Here is further proof of their tight alliance and shared goals.


Muslim Labour councillor called Adolf Hitler ‘the greatest man in history’

Islamic Jew-hatred — it’s in the Quran. Savagery, genocide and hatred of the non-Muslim are righteous under Islam. The Muslim world was aligned with the Nazis during World War II. The leader of the Muslim world, Mufti al-Husseini, raised Muslim armies for Hitler. The Mufti, whom  Yasser Arafat called “our hero,” is famous for his…


Pamela Geller, WND Column: Netanyahu tells truth about mufti’s role in Holocaust

If case you missed my column at WND this week: DEFENDING THE WEST Netanyahu tells truth about mufti’s role in Holocaust Exclusive: Pamela Geller defends Bibi against onslaught of media attack The condemnations have been way over the top: Benjamin Netanyahu is being denounced by the media and political elites all over the world, in…


Pamela Geller, Breitbart: Benjamin Netanyahu Under Fire for Telling Truth About Mufti’s Role in Holocaust

This is a must read. Share it, tweet it, email it. Educate those in your sphere of influence. Hitler’s imam. “Benjamin Netanyahu Under Fire for Telling Truth About Mufti’s Role in Holocaust,” By Pamela Geller, Breitbart News, October 22, 2015 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is being denounced worldwide for noting that the Mufti of…


Netanyahu Under Fire for Telling Truth About Mufti’s Role in Holocaust

Netanyahu was right, and it is good to see that he is not backing down. He called the criticism of his remarks “absurd,” which it is: he’s now a Holocaust denier because he noted the Mufti of Jerusalem’s role in the Holocaust? Prof. Moshe Zimmermann teaches at Hebrew University, but clearly he can’t think straight….


Nazi flag flies high over mosque in Israel (VIDEO)

Islamic Jew-hatred, it’s in the Qur’an. When I ran ads highlighting the relationship and cooperation between the the Third Reich and the Muslim world, Western media and cultural elites widely condemned and vilified me.  When Muslim annihilationists (under the cynically named “Palestinian” movement) proudly display their Nazi sympathies, all is quiet on the Western front….


Islamic Apartheid: Israel finally commemorates expulsion of close to a million Jews from Muslim countries after 1948

Finally, the real apartheid is getting some attention. No one ever talks about the Jews’ right to return, or their land and monies pillaged by Muslim leaders and their ‘tolerant’ Muslim neighbors returned to them. Jerusalem: Israel on Sunday marked the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Jews from Arab countries after the 1948 Arab-Israeli…

The Examiner: “Washington, DC bus ad resurrects memory of forgotten Muslim Nazi SS Division”

People are talking about the Mufti — excelsior! Perhaps they will begin to understand and explore Islamic history and the terrible toll that ignorance of that bloody history exacts. Once understood, the Islamic/Israeli conflict makes complete sense, the Hamas charter (citing Allah) makes complete sense, the jihad against the Jews makes complete sense. Read more…


Finally ….. Netanyahu Links Palestinian Leadership with the Nazis

Wine with Husseini and Himmler The Mufti's Muslim Armies for Hitler      I have long written about the alliance between the Muslim world and The Third Reich. Scroll this link. There is a censorship on this dark, ugly aspect of World War II, and Islam's role in the Holocaust. We need more speeches like…


Abbas Salutes Hitler’s Mufti and Murdering Jihadis in Anniversary Address

There can be no peace with annihilatonists and savages. No matter how badly civilized men desire it. The Mufti of Jerusalem: Architect of the Holocaust.Pamela Geller, Breibart   The photo is inscribed by Himmler:"To his eminence the Grand Mufti, 4 VII 1943, in remembrance H Himmler"Seiner Eminenz dem Grossmufti 4 VII 1943[July 4, 1943] zur…


Robert S. Wistrich: Iraq’s Kristallnacht, 70 Years Later

Islamic Jew hatred. What's old is new again. Tomorrow (Wednesday) marks the 70th anniversary of the Farhūd (June 1, 1941), the Iraqi Arab equivalent of the mass violence on Kristallnacht. Below is a piece about the Farhūd by the pre-eminent author, historian and scholar Prof. Robert Wistrich, in which he explains how the event exposed…

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