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[ December 15, 2019 ]

Boris Johnson to pass anti-boycott the Jews (BDS) law, official says

[ December 15, 2019 ]

WATCH: Comey admits ‘I was wrong’

[ December 15, 2019 ]

New Jersey Muslim Ahmed A-Hady Arrested in Connection With Mass Murder at Jewish Market in...

[ December 15, 2019 ]

Jihad-President Erdogan bashes Israel, calls on Muslims to unite against the West

[ December 15, 2019 ]

‘Scratching the surface’: Education Department investigation uncovers billions in foreign university funding from hostile nations

[ December 15, 2019 ]

Leaked Document Shows Finland Preparing to Fly Back Islamic State Terrorists

[ December 15, 2019 ]

Schiff: ‘I Had No Idea FBI Was Committing Serious Abuses When I Said All That...

[ December 15, 2019 ]

‘Brazil will move its embassy to Jerusalem’ in 2020 – Open trade office in Jerusalem...

[ December 15, 2019 ]

While in Prison on Terrorism Charges, Federal Inmate Is Convicted of Aiding, Abetting Islamic State...

[ December 15, 2019 ]

Massachusetts Muslim Pleads Guilty to Illegally Taking Thousands Of SECRET Classified National Defense Documents Regarding...


Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: It’s OFFICIAL: Ground Zero Mosque DEFEATED

Check out my piece over at Breitbart, share it far and wide: IT’S OFFICIAL: GROUND ZERO MOSQUE DEFEATED! By Pamela Geller, Breitbart News, September 27, 2015 The infamous Ground Zero Mosque project is officially dead. We won. We the People. Crains New York reports that the unsavory developer behind the Ground Zero Mosque initiative, Sharif…

Pamela Geller, Breitbart Column: “The Museum to Islam at Ground Zero”

Read my latest column for Breitbart and send it out. Email, tweet it, share it and post it to Facebook. Let your peeps know what’s going with Ground Zero. Get connected with me on Twitter here and Facebook here. “The Museum to Islam at Ground Zero,” Pamela Geller, Breitbart The New York Times did a…

Developer kills plan for ‘Ground Zero mosque’

Photos of my AFDI/SIOA rally protesting the Ground Zero mosque on 9/11/10 The New York Times has a big write-up on the latest developments on the now-scrapped Ground Zero mosque plan. All of you who fought that 15-story mosquestrosity with us — kudos to you.  We fought back and we won. Sharon Otterman, the writer…


Pamela Geller, The Jewish Voice: Lawsuit: Ground Zero Mosqueteer Imam Rauf Scammed Donors to Finance Debauchery

Lawsuit: Ground Zero Mosquesteer Imam Rauf Scammed Donors to Finance Lavish Lifestyle Pamela Geller, The Jewish Voice The New York Daily News reported on Tuesday, February 5, that “Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf, founder and CEO of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, is being accused of swiping donation money intended for the ‘Ground Zero’ mosque…


Pamela Geller WND column: Media shocked
Ground Zero mosqueteers are liars

My Wednesday column is up over at WND. Read it. DEFENDING THE WEST Media shocked Ground Zero mosqueteers are liars WND, December 12, 2012 Exclusive: Pamela Geller teaches reporters realities of effort to establish 'victory' facility “It’s all pray and no play,” said the New York Post on Sunday. “The Islamic cultural center near Ground…


All death threats are not created equal

The Huffington Post has written an entire article on Ground Zero mosque imam Rauf's claim that he got a threat during the mega-mosque controversy at Ground Zero (which we soundly defeated). Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Public Face Of 'Ground Zero Mosque,' Says Life Was Threatened Really, puff hos? I have a file of death threats…


Pamela Geller, Weekly WND Column, Defending the West
“Hannity confronts Ground Zero mosqueteer”

A couple of weeks back I excoriated Bill O'Reilly for brownnosing the Ground Zero mosqueteer radical Rauf (if you missed that, go here). Last week, Sean Hannity interviewed the dissembler and showed O'Reilly how it's done. Hannity confronts Ground Zero mosqueteer WND Exclusive: Pamela Geller cheers Fox host pressing Rauf on Shariah, anti-Americanism Ground Zero…


Pamela Geller, Weekly WND Column, Defending the West
“Shame on Bill O’Reilly”

My weekly column, Defending the West, over at WND is up. This week Bull O'Reilly gets taken to the woodshed for being an irascible, puffed-up tool. Shame on Bill O'Reilly Exclusive: Pamela Geller indicts talker with fawning over radical Ground Zero imam Bill O’Reilly had Ground Zero mosque radical Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf on for…


Ground Zero Mosqueteer Gamal, Rat Slumlord

Rats. Surprising? No. But true to form. Mosque developer can't take care of vermin-infested apartment building NY Post The developer who wants to build a $100 million mosque and community center near Ground Zero can’t take care of a rat-ridden apartment building with just 14 units. Sharif El-Gamal, the main developer behind the mosque, has…


Ground Zero Mosqueteer Goes AWOL

Gamal is losing it.  “Sharif’s gone AWOL,” a frustrated source, who was once close with the developer, confided in Metro. “We don’t know what the f— he’s doing.” I told you that Gamal was a grifter, a liar, a cheat. And NBC gave this lowlife Man of the Year. Mayor Doomberg had him to Gracie…


Finally! Deal Struck to Rebuild NY Church Destroyed on 9/11

"We will again light many candles in the new St. Nicholas Church and remember those who were lost to us, and those heroes who so nobly sacrificed their lives,"  Archbishop Demetrios, Greek Orthodox Church in America Atlas has been blogging for years on the gross miscarriage of justice suffered by the 106-year-old St. Nicholas church,…


Unholy Cabal: Live Chat Ground Zero Mosqueteer, NY Times Reporter, PBS Mock-Doc Producer

Media unmosqued. Here is more clear evidence of the dangerous media conspiracy to deceive and brainwash the American people. After the elite media lauded the imaginary opening of the Ground Zero Mosque, PBS ran a bootlicking puff piece on the Ground Zero mosqueteer, Sharif El-Gamal, by dhimmi Brit "documentary filmmaker" Daniel Reed. His country has…


The Real Interviews: Statement from 911 Family Member on PBS Mosque Mockumentary

Last night, PBS ran the grotesque and dishonest mockumentary I described here on Ground Zero mosque grifter Sharif El-Gamal. Rosaleen Tallon, brave voice and sister to hero, firefighter and 911 murder victim, Sean Tallon, had this to say about the PBS propaganda piece: Nothing El-Gamal said throughout this whole documentary could erase how Mr. Hanson…

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