Watch: Islamic terrorists set Temple Mount Tree Ablaze Above Western Wall

President Trump gave us peace.
This latest attack on Israel and the media’s profane, racist, antisemitic reporting of it, is glaring evidence that no idiot can ignore.
Six months ago there was an unprecedented, historic peace in the Middle East. Trump peace. The media didn’t report on it, or the fact that it was the first time in history that Muslim nations made peace with the Jewish nation.
It was monumental.
Five months later, the Democrats blew up the peace.

Shin Bet Chief Visits Abbas, Warns About A Hamas Win

Mahmoud Abbas is the PA’s President-for-Life, now entering the 16th year of his four-year term. He has decided to hold parliamentary and presidential elections this summer, in order to impress the Biden Administration with his suddenly-discovered democratic credentials. But there are problems, and Nadav Argaman, the Shin Bet head, went to visit the rais in Ramallah to discuss a worrisome possibility.

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