What Mossad’s Chief is Not Planning to Discuss with Biden

Yossi Cohen, the Mossad chief and wonder-worker who is straight out of Central Casting, has a list of issues he would like to raise with the Biden Administration as it considers whether, when, and exactly with what undertakings by Iran, it will rejoin the JCPOA nuclear deal. The visit, and what will be discussed, is…


TERROR: Hamas supporter placed in charge of Israel-Palestinian desk at State Department

“I was inspired by the Palestinian intifada.”

The Democrat warmongers choose Islamic terror over Trump peace.

We have seen the results of peace in the Middle East – it’s why the warmongering Democrats despise Trump so much. They said it wasn’t possible. They were only half right. It’s not possible under their rule.


TRUMP PEACE: Moroccan FM: Diplomatic missions will open in Tel Aviv, Rabat in two weeks

More incredible work from President Trump. ‘Earlier on Tuesday, the first Israel-Morocco direct commercial flight landed in Rabat to mark the latest historic US-brokered diplomatic breakthrough between Israel and an Arab country.’ #BDSFail! 🇲🇦🇺🇸🇮🇱Arrival of the high-level US-Israeli delegation led by @POTUS Advisor @jaredkushner and National Security Advisor of @Israel, Mr. Ben Shabbat, on board of…

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