‘Our Kids Carpooled Together’: How Old Democrat Fiends In High Places Assembled The Russia Collusion Hoax

“Not just anyone can call up the FBI general counsel with claims of conspiratorial criminality by a presidential candidate and get a private sit-down. And yet that is exactly what happened.”
This sabotage sounds more befitting a banana republic which is exactly what then Democrat party of treason wants for our country.

Russian President Putin RECALLS Russian ambassador to Washington after imbecilic Biden calls him a “KILLER”

If America’s worst enemy managed to install their own man in the WH, could he be worse than this demented, child-sniffing segregationist?

“Biden’s statement is just a triumph of the political insanity of the United States and age-related dementia of their leader.”

Everything the corpse in the White House touches turns to merde. Our government was overthrown in an unprecedented election fraud and we are in utter freefall.


Former Green Beret Allegedly Conspired to Provide National Defense Information to Russian Intelligence

The espionage took place from 1996 to 2011…..

Peter Rafael Dzibinski Debbins, 45, told Russian intelligence he considered himself a “son of Russia,” according to an indictment made public after his arrest.

“Debbins thought that the United States was too dominant in the world and needed to be cut down to size,” prosecutors alleged.

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