Finally! Deal Struck to Rebuild NY Church Destroyed on 9/11

"We will again light many candles in the new St. Nicholas Church and remember those who were lost to us, and those heroes who so nobly sacrificed their lives,"  Archbishop Demetrios, Greek Orthodox Church in America Atlas has been blogging for years on the gross miscarriage of justice suffered by the 106-year-old St. Nicholas church,…


Unholy Cabal: Live Chat Ground Zero Mosqueteer, NY Times Reporter, PBS Mock-Doc Producer

Media unmosqued. Here is more clear evidence of the dangerous media conspiracy to deceive and brainwash the American people. After the elite media lauded the imaginary opening of the Ground Zero Mosque, PBS ran a bootlicking puff piece on the Ground Zero mosqueteer, Sharif El-Gamal, by dhimmi Brit "documentary filmmaker" Daniel Reed. His country has…


The Real Interviews: Statement from 911 Family Member on PBS Mosque Mockumentary

Last night, PBS ran the grotesque and dishonest mockumentary I described here on Ground Zero mosque grifter Sharif El-Gamal. Rosaleen Tallon, brave voice and sister to hero, firefighter and 911 murder victim, Sean Tallon, had this to say about the PBS propaganda piece: Nothing El-Gamal said throughout this whole documentary could erase how Mr. Hanson…


Pamela Geller, Big Government: Big Media Lauds Imaginary Opening of Ground Zero Mosque

Big Media Lauds Imaginary Opening of Ground Zero Mosque Pamela Geller, Big Government One year ago, Ground Zero Mosque leader Daisy Khan, the wife of stealth Islamic supremacist Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, said that they would be breaking ground on September 11, 2011 for the 15-story monster mosque going up in a building that was…


Big Media Lauds Imaginary Opening of Ground Zero Mosque

“It is an obvious and cynical attempt to manipulate public opinion and divert attention away from the Islamic supremacist ties, shady financial dealings, and contradictory statements of the mosque organizers,” Geller said. One year ago, Daisy the Khan said that they would be breaking ground on September 11, 2011 for the 15-story monster mosque going…


Wall Street Journal Prints Ground Zero Radical Rauf’s Blood Libel

Today's Wall Street Journal actually printed another blood libel from the silver-tongued stealth jihadist, Ground Zero mosque imam Feisal Rauf, unchallenged:  "I launched my effort last year to build an Islamic Community Center in Lower Manhattan as part of reconciliation after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the  vitriol hurled against me and Islam was overwhelming. Islam…


Inside The Mosque At Ground Zero, On Channel 4

'They're on a mission from Allah and they mean to accomplish it…it will be Mecca on the Hudson. But I can tell you right now, it will be a battle, it will be a fight." Pamela Geller Award-winning director Dan Reed premieres his film "Mosque at Ground Zero" on channel 4 in the UK. His…


US White House’s 9/11 Anniversary Guidelines Ask Officials to “Minimize References to Al Qaeda”

Yesterday, I posted on the fierce whitewash and propagandizing of the tenth anniversary of 911: 911 Whitewashing the War: "Never Forget" Morphs into "Forget it" The leftist/Islamic machine is in full throttle now, with the White House strong-arming officials to omit who and why we were attacked. The White House has issued guidelines detailing what…


Ground Zero Imam Backs Ban on Free Speech and Urges incorporation of Sharia law into the legal systems of Europe and the U.S.

Imam Faisal Rauf, the silver-tongued smake, invokes freedom of speech to kill freedom of speech and advances the the oppressive and brutal sharia under the guise of multiculturalism and tolerance. Rauf is in Scotland to receive a "peace" award. Rauf advocates tolerance for the most radical and intolerant ideology on the face of the earth….

911 Freedom Rally at Ground Zero
America, Stand for Freedom

911 Freedom Rally and Ground Zero Mosque Movie Screening on September 11th, tenth anniversary of jihad's war on America We are very concerned that the Lower Manahttan Development Corporation (LMDC) will turn over taxpayer money to the Ground Zero mosqueteer grifter,  Sharif El-Gamal. Please contact either:  John DeLibero at: jdelibero@renewnyc.com or Kate Levin at: http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/maildcla.html…


Ground Zero Monster Mosqueteer El Gamal: “Pam [sic] Geller is in the same category as the KKK.”

Displaying as much humanity as Osama bin Laden, the Ground Zero supremacist mosque developer continued to display his callous intolerance to the pain and grief he is causing by building a 15-story middle finger to America at Ground Zero. His morphing mosque narrative is a stunning slap to every freedom-loving American. Everything out of Gamal's…


Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Islamic Supremacism Trumps Christianity at Ground Zero

This will make your blood boil. Read my piece in today's American Thinker and book your travel for our 911 Freedom Rally to protest the rush to build the  Ground Zero mosquestrosity, a fifteen-story middle finger to America. And stand against the obstruction and the endless red tape that the 95-year-old St. Nicholas church has…


Ground Zero Mosque Supremacist “Daisy” Farhat Khan Seeks Sharia Law Program Manager

    The secular spinning queen of deception, Daisy the Khan, and her multi-married radical husband, the notorious imam of the Ground Zero triumphal mosque, Feisal Rauf, are seeking a sharia law project manager. Rauf is a fierce supporter of the sharia, as advanced in his book, Call to Prayer: Islamic Proselytizing for the World Trade…

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