New York Red Bulls goalkeeper Luca Lewis says jihadi mob in NYC said they’d KILL HIM IF HE WAS A JEW

How is this not front page news? Why is the West supporting the jihad against the Jews? No minority has been as oppressed, persecuted and mass murdered as the Jew. Yet despite the annihilation of over half the world’s Jewish population, the hatred is as furious and fierce as the lead up to the Holocaust. And the ruling left is inciting, aiding and abetting this genocide.

Jew-Hating Communist Sen. Bernie Sanders Resolution Blocks Arms Sales to Jewish State

For years, the Geller Report has extensively chronicled the overt anti-Israel bigotry of Senator Bernie Sanders. America’s mainstream Jewish organizations were to gutless to do the same. In part, because Sanders is a Jew. Today, Bernie Sanders has enormous influence in the Democrat Party. And he is on the warpath against Israel. Just like Jeremy Corbyn in the UK. Sanders is a despicable antisemite.

Jew-Hating Clown Geraldo Rivera: U.S. ‘Complicit’ in Israel’s ‘Crime Against Humanity,’ Stands With Terror Spox Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

Why does FOX continue to promote this Jew hater while banning proud Zionists like my colleagues and myself?

Geraldo Rivera is a liar. He is also a longtime apologist for “Palestinian” (Islamic)terrorism. Rivera has for years used his platform on Fox News to vilify and slander Israel, while giving a pass to Palestinian terrorism and Palestinian antisemitism.

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