Antisemitic activists go into overdrive to blame Israel for George Floyd’s Death

The neo-Nazi BDS Movement continues to exploit the murder of George Floyd to demonize and slander Israel. This is why American Jews  (in part) are being attacked during these violent riots. It’s frightening. The Democrat Party seek the votes of these anti-Semitic thugs. Scary times. Exodus! So now George Floyd is Palestinian, according to this…


“Palestinians” Piggybacking on BLM and Antifa Riots to Wreck Synagogues

A number of Los Angeles synagogues have been vandalized or even destroyed during the riots, including one in Beverly Hills. According to Dahan, an Israeli living in Los Angeles, the buildings were not targeted by any of the protesters demonstrating against Floyd’s death, but rather by Palestinians who “exploited the opportunity.”


Twitter Fails to Remove Iran’s VILE Antisemitic Fars News Agency Page

Jack Dorsey will sic his fact checkers on President Trump for rightfully denouncing mail-in-ballots, but has no problem with an Iranian media outlet posting the most vile anti-Semitic propaganda imaginable. Horrible! The Fars News Agency's English Twitter account spews antisemitic cartoons & posts, which blatantly deny the #Holocaust, conspiracy theories & demonize Jews. Stop this…


WATCH Roger Waters sings song calling for annihilation of the Jewish State during Nakba Day event

Insane! Neo-Nazi Roger Waters is one of the most dangerous and disgusting anti-Semites on the planet. He is also virulently anti-American. He needs to be strenuously condemned by all good people. Roger Waters: ‘From the River to the Sea, we’ll take the land from Israel’ By Israel National News, May 20, 2020 Pink Floyd’s Roger…


Vile antisemitic New York Times blood libel against Jews in heinous article caption

Absolutely despicable. Just when you thought the anti-Semitic New York Times could not go any lower they prove us wrong again. The Israeli Defense Force is perhaps the most humanitarian army on the planet. No other military goes to greater lengths to defend the civilian population of it’s enemy than the Israeli Defense Forces. WTH?…

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