Israel Tricks Hamas With Brilliant Tactical Move, Then Launches Ferocious Air Campaign

Brilliant job. The IDF deceived Hamas into thinking a ground campaign in Gaza was imminent. This “provoked Hamas to send its anti-tank missile teams and mortar squads that were set to attack Israeli forces into what the IDF refers to as Hamas’ ‘Metro,’ a network of underground tunnels built by Hamas after the 2014 war…

‘THIS IS PURE ANTISEMITISM’: Vile AntI-Jewish Hate Protests Rage in Germany, Burn Jewish Flags Outside Synagogues

Germany. Perfect.

Germany’s leading Jewish group on Thursday condemned protests in front of a synagogue in the western city of Gelsenkirchen as “pure antisemitism.”

KAPO-Jew Bernie Sanders Blames Jews For Conflict Between Israel And Hamas

This is, of course, not a surprise. The Geller Report has extensively chronicled Bernie Sanders’ vicious attacks against Israel for years. And how Sanders has embraced some of the worst anti-Semites in the United States, including Linda Sarsour, Omar, Tlaib, and many many others. And how Sanders flew to the UK to campaign for Jeremy…

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