Antifa White Girl Arrested in Seattle After Lighting 5 Seattle Police Vehicles on Fire During Black Lives Matter Riots

The left-wing protests continue nightly. They are, for the most part, all white. The white left has co-opted the black lives movement in what can only be described as the apogee of white supremacism.

Sometimes, they’ll bring in a Black speaker, like Vegas in the 50s.

There will be blacklash against the white supremacist Democrats.


Betsy Ross never had slaves

Truth is the new hate speech (Pamela Geller). We live in left-wing dominated America where cowards are exalted, heroes are demonized, America is the enemy. F*ck ’em. Fight! #HappyFourth


RACIST Black Lives Matter Says You Have to Be Antisemitic to Not Be Racist #BLM

Oh, the irony. BLACK LIVES MATTER SAYS YOU HAVE TO HATE ISRAEL TO NOT BE RACIST [VIDEO] Black Lives Matter activist Tamika Mallory claims the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) can’t lead “anti-bias training” because they support Israel and have history of “attacking black people.” There’s only one problem: No such history exists. Starbucks Coffee came under…

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